Hit refresh!

2004-04-21 - 10:57 p.m.

how many times in a row can you hit the Refresh button to see if you got new mail?? I hit a bit of a bumb in the road with the adoption, nothing serious. I am trying to send my daughter a small carepackage along with a disposable camera for her caretakers to snap some shots of her in the waiting period.

But I don't have the adress of her orphanage (Hepu SWI) and I posted to several Yahoo adoption group, hoping another adopting family had the adress and can help. But as I sit here, obsessing about this little hiccup, I keep hitting the refresh button, waiting for an answer....

It's 11 pm on the east coast, the time when normal people shut down their computers and go to bed. So I'm not being rational about this at all. Even if some west-coaster happens to read my post and somehow manages to send me the adress, what can I do? It's not like I can go out and mail it tonight! I don't even have my letter translated in Chinese yet, I'll only get that tomorrow or the day after, so I can hod off for a couple of days for the adress, but I'm obsessing...

Also, I am watching a Nick and Jessica Newlyweds marathon... That could be causing the brain malfunctions...

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Only here can Omarosa and Rocco co-exist!

2004-04-20 - 6:54 p.m.

By far, the most search engines results that mislead people to my site involve some dirty combinations of mom, I enjoy being a girl and underwear (do I write this much about my underwear???). A close second is Deirdre Hall. A lot of people search for stuff about her!

The remainder of the searches are related to tv personalities, like Carter Oosterh*** and Teresa Strauss*** (I did that on purpose not to attract more searchers). But imagine my shock and dismay when my recent rant on the evil-incarnate that is Omaraso wearing my favorite dress in a Dateline piece resulted today in this search. Omarosa and I, linked in cyberspace!!! I must scream!

And since we are on the topic of delicious reality television, what can I say about poor, poor Rocco and his train-wreck of a business venture that is sooooo delicious to watch! Who else but Mark Burnett could make you love an unknown head chef (go chef Tony!!!) and a slightly known restaurant investor... Rocco: you are a schmuck! The fact that you are still attached by the ombilical cord to your Mamma, still use her apartment for storage and holding meetings when you have an office right across the street and famewhore yourself all over town with your cheap red pots and cookbooks... Rocco, my poor boy! Wrap that pink scraf around your neck and ride yourself into the sunset on your little Vespa.... I'll be watching every minute of it! (Except for when I'm in China... I'll have to count on you guys to tell me what I missed!)

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revealing secrets

2004-04-19 - 5:40 p.m.

I spent my day off packing up my dining room and washing baby clothes in Woolite. Who said becoming a mother wasn't glamerous!?!?

Since I don't have anything particularily intersting to update you with, I thought I would steal Red Headed Princess' idea and reveal some embarassing facts about myself...

* I love Vanialla Coke, but flat. I open a can and take one sip, then stick in the fridge for a day. Once it's nice and flat, I enjoy it in a big cup with lots of ice. More vanilla flavor....

* I have a bizzar love of rice pudding. Not the homemade kind, but rather the processed Kozy Shack cup kind... I can't explain it, it doesn't even have raisins in it, but I love my rice pudding...

* I have a bathroom full of good skin products, but I rarely ever wash my face or use any of them. I wash my face with water in the shower and that's about it.... I keep buying new products, hoping to start a good skin care routine, but I'm 33 now, I guess it's a bit late to start a new habit!

* I pluck my eyebrows everyday, while watching above mentioned morning tv. I keep my tweezers and a small magnifing mirror by the couch and just do a daily upkeep. A few hairs here and there and my brows are always tip top.

* I let the dog lick my toes! We call it a pet-icure! Mortimer loves licking my toes and it keeps my cuticles very nice! If only I could get him to do my hands!

* My music taste is stuck 10 years ago. Whatever the big albums were the couple of years after I got out of college, that what I'm still listening to. When I stopped going to bars, I stopped listening to FM and stopped following new music. Except for a few new albums by artists I used to listen to, I have a very dated music collection...

* I am not capable of going to the movies without having a snack. After my weight loss surgery, I didn't go to movies until I could at least have a couple of kernels of popcorn. It's not about the quantity, I get the kids' combo and throw most of it out, but I can't sit in that dark room without nibbling.

* And speaking of movies, I love going to movies by myself. Preferably bad teenage movies or girly movies noone would ever want to see with me anyways.

Hopefully I haven't shattered the image you had of me!!!! as if!

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creating memories

2004-04-18 - 11:31 a.m.

following a comment from mizjenna, I found this great idea on her blog (check out Easter entry), and it reminded me of something I saw on tv a while back, probably on Oprah. This mother took a picture of her daughter every year on her birthday, wearing this crazy Pucci dress of her mother's. When she was a baby, the thing was basically a blanket around her, then as a toddler, she looked like she was playing dress up, and when she moved out to go to college, the dress fit her perfectly. I don't knwo what I'll be wearing the day I meet my little Dumpling*, but whatever it is, I'm going to do that with her. Every year, on the day we met her, I will take a picture of her in that outfit.

* I know what you're thinking! How could a fashion obsessed over planner like myself not have a "meet my daughter" outfit picked out already!?!?! Truth is, by the time we leave, I might! But since we don't know in advance *when* we meet our babies, chances are, it'll be some funky t-shirt and travel-wrinkled capris! Maybe I should do it with my shoes instead! I know I'll have a pretty pair of red Naots on my feet that day (already chosen as my travel footwear of choice), so at least she'd get to pose with pretty red shoes every year!!!!

My newest obsession is tofu. I know my duaghter will have been used to eating it, so I figured I should start adding it regularly to my diet. This week, I checked the grocery store for Kosher options and I was stunned at how many tofu products are Kosher! Even the funky snacks to go are Kosher! With little dipping sauces!This is going to be a cake-walk! I'm still not a huge fan of tofu per-say, but I know it's good for me and I'll just find some good recipes to add it to. I made a mean peanut and ginger stir fry the other night and even my hubby liked it! (don't write! I know, no nuts for kids that young!!! that much I already know!)

My mom had a bit of a set back this week. As all this great news was going on around us, she went in for a post-radiation checkup before leaving for a 10 day break to Florida. But they had to cancel because it turns out that her 3rd pneumonia in the last 6 months might not be that at all, but rather, it's possible that the cancer cells had spread to her lungs. I was shocked when she called. But for once, there was something I could do to help. She needed to see a lung specialist as soon as possible, and fortunately, that is one specialty we know! With hubby's CF, he has had a top specialist his entire adult life, plus, one of his good friends is currently specialising in lung cancer in Boston but is Montreal-based and has lots of collegues here. So she will be seen on Tuesday or Wednesday. I can't tell you how hard I am praying that it is indeed only a pneumonia that she can't shake because she's been weak rather than something more serious.... She's been waiting so long to be a grandmother, she needs to be in good shape for her first little dumpling!

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