Jenn - 2004-04-22 08:10:39
Not sure if this will help- but I found tthis link which I think has the address: You may want to confirm it with someone from here: or here Good luck! I can only imagine how you're feeling...what an exciting scary time! Jenn
virginia - 2004-04-22 09:50:17
thanks Jenn. That is not the right adress, that is the one I had, which is the other orphanage. But I send an email to Lotus Tours, hopefully they can help me.
Tamra - 2004-04-22 11:20:09
We're not allowed to send packages directly, so I send something with every person visiting my daughter's orphanage. Its a lot cheaper that way too, as you usually ship in the states. Good luck! I hope you find a way!

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