new year, new hair!

2005-01-01 - 10:43 a.m.

So, as promised days ago, this is the new hair:

Compare to the last major haircut (last year, pre-baby)

But really, my hair hasn't looked like that since the day I cut it. You see, I got that cute curly, swept bangs hair-cut BEFORE I got Dumpling. Then, I realised, I would never have time to style my hair, so I decided to grow it long, thinking it would be a better fit with my mommy lifestyle.... WRONG! Long hair probably works well if you have either straight hair or curly hair, but if you have mutant frizzy hair like I do, that requires massive amounts of products to make it either semi-striaght or semi-curly, then long hair and mommy-hood are not a good match.

So now, I've cut it pretty darn short. It's just long enough to make two short pigtails if I need to get it out of the way, but there are no hairs longer than 3 or 4 inches, even at the top. So far, so good. I can blow dry it straight in less than 8 minutes (a MUST in cold winter climates), or I can leave it curly with a little product and almost no fussing (which I plan on taking full advantage of next week on vacation.)

Which brings me to my next topic: the upcoming vacation. I haven't mentioned it until now because I've been very very nervous about it. We are going on our annual cruise (panama canal this time, 10 days) but we are bringing the Dumpling. she is now 21 months and still has embarassingly little manners at the table. I have a feeling we'll be eating at the buffet or in our room (two things we NEVER do when we cruise: we're dining room people!)

the part that is stressing me out the most is the packing. I'm a notorious overpacker, and now, the thought of packing for myslef AND a baby for 10 days, AAARRGGHHH! Plus, we booked our tickets with the cruise company, which means no extra night in Florida first to hit Target for diapers or summer clothes, so everything must be packed before we go.... When I packed for China, it was very academical, having several packing lists to choose from. But try googling "packing for a cruise with a toddler"... yeah, not so much!

We leave Friday morning, I have until then to totally loose my mind....

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my stand on the BOB nominations

2004-12-30 - 12:59 p.m.

first off, picture of the new hair later on tonight, but I just don't have it in me right now to post a vain picture of myself when I think about the devastation in Asia. My husband made a very nice donation in the name of our little family yesterday, I urge you to do the same if you can afford it. My heart goes out to all the families there who have been affected by this.

Second, the name of my blog came up on the BOBs, though the finalists in that particular category haven't been announced at the moment that I type this. I was nominated by 2 different readers in the Infertility/Adoption category. I know that lots of people were offended that those two things were in the same category. Maybe because of my particular experiences, I wasn't one of them. I saw all the categories, saw the Best Mom Blog, best Dad blog, and frankly, I was touched that they even made a special category for infertility and adoption. In an ideal world, these would have been seperate, but to even give a voice to these fabulous bloggers, in my opinion, is great. Not everyone agrees with me. Marla at The Middle Way doesn't like the fact that those two categories are lumped into one, and furthermore doesn't think I belong in that category, but rather should have been nominated in the Best Mom Blog category. The thing is, nobody at BOB made the nominations. Readers did. And I guess the two readers who nominated me (OK, one of them was my husband!), felt that when they thought of my blog, they thought of infertility and adoption. I'm just thrilled to bits that I was nominated in the first place, and frankly, with all the fabulous writers in this category, I know I won't even make the finalists!

Finally, props to Fluid Pudding for her finalist spot in the Best Mom Blog. Voting starts January first, vote for her!

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Spoiled. (not her, me!)

2004-12-28 - 10:28 p.m.

OK Ladies, get back to blogging! I'm bored over here, refreshing my Kinja page every hour and finding out only a couple of you are back at your screens!

So bored in fact, that Jewel Quest wasn't cutting it anymore and I sprung for the full version of Adventure Inlay.... Sad, I know.

I've sort of been spoiling myself this week, not that Santa wasn't good to me. My husband got me a new necklace and matching earings (tomato and orange enamel on silver), a pair of earings to go with the last necklace he got me, a set of Nigella Lawson mixing bowls because I lusted after them (their shape, their color!), the Pee Wee DVDs and a lovely tangerine cashmere sweater.

But I was feeling a little SADD, so I chopped off my hair (I took a picture but you couldn't see how much shorter it was than the last hair cut, so you'll have to wait til after tomorrow night, when we have a dinner party and I can have someone else take a good picture), bought fresh foundation and a new lipstick from the Aveda makeup artist at the salon and picked up a parafin bath spa thingy for my hands and feet. After a false start last night (the dran thing needs 90 minutes to heat up!), I set it on the timer tonight and was able to use it. I now have soft hands and feet, cute hair, and I'll be sporting a new lipstick to aforementioned dinner party tomorrow night!

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