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2004-12-28 - 10:28 p.m.

OK Ladies, get back to blogging! I'm bored over here, refreshing my Kinja page every hour and finding out only a couple of you are back at your screens!

So bored in fact, that Jewel Quest wasn't cutting it anymore and I sprung for the full version of Adventure Inlay.... Sad, I know.

I've sort of been spoiling myself this week, not that Santa wasn't good to me. My husband got me a new necklace and matching earings (tomato and orange enamel on silver), a pair of earings to go with the last necklace he got me, a set of Nigella Lawson mixing bowls because I lusted after them (their shape, their color!), the Pee Wee DVDs and a lovely tangerine cashmere sweater.

But I was feeling a little SADD, so I chopped off my hair (I took a picture but you couldn't see how much shorter it was than the last hair cut, so you'll have to wait til after tomorrow night, when we have a dinner party and I can have someone else take a good picture), bought fresh foundation and a new lipstick from the Aveda makeup artist at the salon and picked up a parafin bath spa thingy for my hands and feet. After a false start last night (the dran thing needs 90 minutes to heat up!), I set it on the timer tonight and was able to use it. I now have soft hands and feet, cute hair, and I'll be sporting a new lipstick to aforementioned dinner party tomorrow night!

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