one spoiled little girl

2004-12-19 - 10:11 p.m.

My parents have lost their minds. They are trying to bust some sort of record on spoiling a first grandchild on the occasion of said grandchild's first holidays.

It's pretty funny actually, hearing my father tell me that he cashed in his Sears points to buy the Dumpling a small flat screen tv for when she wants to watch tv in THEIR basement... She' only there one day a week, and she's fully capable of climbing the 9 steps to the family room, or the 14 steps to the dining room, both equipped with perfectly good televisions. But nooooooo.....

She's lucky to have them. My own maternal grandparents were fabulous, and I have amazing memories of them, but very few, since they died when I was barely 6 years old. So let them spoil her, as long as they strike a blance between time and stuff, she'll be OK. It's not like her daddy and I aren't doing on own part to spoil her too....

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the 3 second delay

2004-12-16 - 2:36 p.m.

I had a terrible mommy-moment this morning. We are still struggling with the 2 nap, 1 nap routine and for some scheduling reasons involving my husband and hospital tests, we decided to skip the morning nap today. So Dumpling went to her gym class with her daddy this morning, returned at 11 and was fed an early lunch while transfixed to the Boobahs. Then we went to play in the basement for an hour, until I was going to put her in the stroller and try to make her fall asleep on the way to work, where she would hopefully sleep until her daddy returned from the hospital and pick her up.

(I apologize for that long and poorly written paragraph)

We were playing on the couch and she was clearly v v tired (hommage to Tertia) and sort of giddy and uncoordinated..... so she took a giant dive off the couch, face first on the floor. I tell you, for all the fake-crying and pretend-tantrums she throws to get what she wants, the real tears runing down her face and the 3 second delay between the impact and the crying.... ouch! She's still not terrible comfortable with us hugging and rocking her to try to comfort her. She likes to be hugged and kissed when she's happy, but when she's sad and hurt, it's still not automatic to her to want physical closeness. But I hugged her as much as she would let me and tried to make it all better.

Tonight is The Apprentice Finale. Of course, I'm gonna watch, because I'm incapable of giving up on tv shows even when I feel they are less than stellar, and frankly, this season was boring. The fact that Jen is in the finals is just sad. But we'll have our special soup-committee friends join us again for some snark and comedic relief. Maybe I'll even make cocktails!

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A look back and TV TALK

2004-12-15 - 1:12 p.m.

One of the things that happened when I started getting concerned about privacy, is that I started reading my archives.... Man, my life has changed a lot in no time flat!
But one thing I noticed is that I'm not too funny anymore. You used to be able to count on me for a funny Reality TV recap or a silly shopping anecdote.

Maybe mommy-hood is killing my funny, but I promise, I will try to bring it back. And since my hubby is now blogging about TV, why don't I start today with my impressions of last night's TAR, or as I called it: Ugly, Mean People. First off, before I adress Mr. Spazpants and lose my train of thought, what the f*** is up with Kendra? Have you never left the US before? Could you be a more condescending white bitch? You make Paris Hilton look enlightened! At least she would have just commented *that's hot*....

Now, Mr. Spazpants and the ugliest playboy bunny of all times..... I will be the first one to admit that he probably didn't hit her as much as shove her, but there is NO EXCUSE for that type of behaviour. She was hysterical, she was upset, and he makes her fall down?!?! What the F***? And dropping the pack? Not a smart move. At first, I was sure she was saving his ass because of some TAR rule about arriving at the Amazing Bathmat with all your gear, but past racers on TWOP have assured me there is no such rule, the only risk is losing your pack to pickpocketers, which frankly, would suck. So she did the right thing grabbing it. And Mr. So-called-rich-entrepreneur wanted that vacation so badly? I don't buy it. He's a nut job of the Omarosa caliber.

Now, I must confess to you all, I've checked out their website. (Hanging my head in shame. I know I shouldn't reward his site traffic). They were blogging about their experience but now have mysteriously disappeared to go on location.... ya, right! I will point out, however, that they use pictures on their site of themselves with various celebrities. Yesterday, Spazpants, was posing with John Travolta. Now, let me tell you, that's the same as Omarosa with Al Gore. They get invited to parties and someone snaps a picture. But it doens't mean in anyway shape or form that they had a conversation, that the celebrity gives a rats ass about them. Case in point, witness a lovely picture of me with Carl Reiner and Kelly Rippa taken last summer.

Do either of these people know about this picture? Have they sanctioned my use of it? Or course not! The encounter was completely accidental (expecially Mr. Reiner walking up to us while I was talking to Kelly and Mark).

So, Mr. Spazpants, you do not impress me with your celebrity pictures. You are an ass of the worst kind: an ass that doesn't even know he's an ass. The look of discust on Phil's face during the hand-shake was priceless. Like my husband said, Kendra and Jonathan make Hornio and his very sick relationship with his toe-nail clipping mother look positively sweet.

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Orange is the New Pink

2004-12-14 - 9:50 p.m.

I still love pink, but everything and everyone is pink these days, so from now on, orange it is.

The housekeeping came about while I was searching my archives for anything I don't really want floating around on the net anymore, like the Dumpling's name, our store's name and location, anything that makes it a little too easy for people in our real life to stumble upon my blog. I'll be going through the archives and deleting any old entries that are sort of too forthcoming about things and people in my real life, but all in all, most of the archives should remain untouched.

Now, could I interest you in the ramblings of my dear husband, who after spending so many hours reading other people's blogs, has finally decided to try his hand at writing. I present to you Mortimer's Dad.

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a quick update and questions of privacy

2004-12-14 - 2:32 p.m.

I wish I had some exciting tidbits to regale you with, but the truth is, we've just been trudging along, getting through Hanukah parties, trying to get ready for my mother's first Xmas* as a grandmother and fighting with the restaurant upstairs to fix their leak so the store doesn't turn into a swimming pool.
(*do not send me email or comments regarding my spelling of xmas. it's faster for me this way, and it's just my way of pointing out that for our particular family situation, this is a completely non-religious thing that is completely based on my mother needing to spoil her jewish grand-daughter with every toy currently available. I'm not trying to offend anyone's beliefs.)
I took Dumpling to playgroup this morning and can I just say, thank G-d! Coffee, adult conversation, kids running around amusing themselves and not clinging to mommy's legs every second... Bliss! We do tend to talk about only a few topics: real estate (some of the ladies are looking to move), jewish day schools (it's time to register the kids for pre-pre-K for next September) and shopping... If only they would discuss reality TV, I would be in heaven!
The one thing that's sort of been on my mind lately (when I'm not thinking about the less than stellar state of my marriage) is my privacy and how much I've revealed in here. I actually do feel the need to pour my heart out, so I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. My options are to start over somewhere else, where I wouldn't give away Dumpling's name, our occupation or precise location OR to dump the archives except for the last few weeks (which contain little personal information). I'm leaning towards the latter. Because those of you who already know my real-life identity, well, you already know and if I did start over somewhere else, I would send you the URL, so wyou would still know. But if I delete the archives and therefore delete any personal info I gave out there, nobody new would be able to identify me. I'm sort of leaning towards that solution. I guess nobody the googles "dealing with third failed IVF cycle" or "we got our referal" would be able to read my past posts, but let's face it, there are some much better writers out there with much more insightful posts on these situations.
Any opinions?

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