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2004-12-09 - 11:33 p.m.

what a few days we've had! First with the food poisoning, then an ongoing flood at the store, and holiday parties galore!
Wednesday night, jewish families with Chinese babies got together for a Hanukkah party. We had a blast. Dumpling was in fine form, dancing like a mad woman! (funny thing, the israeli folk singer was the guy who did the horas at our wedding! he was thrilled to see we were now parents) She loved seing all the older girls, but did have eyes only for this one older boy (not asian), grabbed him by the hand and dragged him all over the place!
Tonight, we had friends come over. They love the Dumpling and were very cool with having her disturb their meals a thousand times. Finally, they just gave up, put a chair between them and started feeding her. She ate pickles like they were chocolate! And then, they had the idea of putting her back in her high chair and giving her her first Sufkaniot (jewish jelly donut).......
This is what she looked like before the evening started:

And this is what she looked like after:

Enough said.

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December 6th: a look back in history

2004-12-06 - 11:57 a.m.

December 6th was always my dad's birthday. He's 60 today.

15 years ago, December 6th became the Polytechnic Masaascre, when a nutjob with a rifle killed 14 women studying engineering at the Ecole Polytechnic, right up the street from where I live now. Montreal is a huge metropolis, but that day, every one knew someone who was hurt or killed. My neighbour across the street was dating one of the girls who died.

In 2001, I went to the Mikvah on December 6th and became a Jew.

Last year, on December 6th 2003, a doctor I had never met before, who didn't bother introducing himself, put an end to the longest ever IVF cycle, the one where my ovaries were becoming visible through my clothes I was so swollen. It was also the official end to our fertility treatment and the official declaration that I was barren.

This year, on December 6th, my husband and I woke up somewhat refreshed from a night spent emptying our systems of whatever food-born ailment we were suffering, and driving to my mother's house to retrieve our daughter, who had been saved from our food-poisining hell by her lovely grandparents. This is probably not a December 6th that will go down in history, but it's my first December 6th as a mother.

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thank god we have many bathrooms

2004-12-05 - 7:35 p.m.

We had such a lovely evening last night, taking Dumpling to a holiday party for kids adopted in China. she loved seing the older girls, dancing, playing... Unfortunately, the cute anectodes and pictured of Dumpling in the world's cutest baby winter coat will have to wait, as Mortimer's Mom and Mortimer's Dad have come down with a wicked case of food poisoning.

It started early in the morning for me, didn't hit hubby til this afternoon when I was already severly disabled in bed. When I heard him throw up, I summed up whatever energy I could and called my parents to come rescue the Dumpling. They swept in with Ginger ale and took Dumpling to their house for the night so we could reat. We've been sleeping and groaning ever since. I'm feeling a tad better, but hubby just had bout #2....

Must go back to bed

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