Very Bad Parents

2004-10-27 - 4:40 p.m.

I ask you, what kind of parents make their 19 month old have her first sleep-over at grandma's house so they can drive 2 and a half hours to Potsdam NY so attend a Blue Rodeo concert in the gym of the SUNY campus????

uuuhhhmm.... OK. This kind:
(that's my hubby and I with Greg Keelor)

It was positively the most bizzare venue we have ever seen them in... We've seen them in a refurbished barn in the Muskokas, at the Higher Ground in Burlington in front of 45 people and in more outdoor parks than I can remember, but a gym, with about 400 people just takes the cake! The floor was coverd with plastic and people sat in the bleechers.... it was truly "high-school dance", especially since they came on at 7:30 and were done by 9, but we had a blast, the show was fab, and we hung out after and shot the breeze with our favorite rockers....

(That would be me with James Gray)
(Me again with Bob Eagan)
( yet again, this time with Basil Donavan)
(That's my hubby with his all time favorite, Jim Cuddy. The only one we didn't get in a picture was Glenn, he's too hot to show up on film!!!)

I was feeling particularly rock-chic-y that day, with my Gap long-n-leans, my previously autographed Blue Rodeo Tee and my new tiny cardigan with bejeweled high-heels and a pair or 3 inch super-hero heels....

When we got back on Sunday, we picked up the Dumpling and took her to the farmer's market to stock up on fresh edibles, and while she took her afternoon nap, I unpacked my sewing machine (5 months after moving!) and proceeded to turn a few yards of the fluffiest fake fur into a dog that looks like a rabbit:

I'm making her wear it a few minutes a day til Sunday to get her used to it... I don't know how long she'll keep it on, but we have a Plan B: a pair of chinese silk pjs to dress her up as a chinese baby!!!!

Anything to add? 11

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