Love Triangle

2004-10-21 - 11:48 a.m.

no, I'm not cheating on my husband and he doesn't have eyes for anyone else! The love triangle in our house is between our little Dumpling and the two dogs....
Dumpling loves Lucy. She wants to play with Lucy, she wants to pet Lucy, she wants to sit close to her and snuggle up with her. In general, Lucy will let her do those things, but rarely reciprocates the affection. She like Dumpling and will lick her when she first sees her in the morning or after a nap, but the rest of the time, she can't be bothered with her.
Lucy's attention it completely directed towards the other dog, Mortimer. Lucy spends every waking moment trying to get his attention, trying to get him to play with her, rolling around in front of him like a drunk girl five minutes before closing time! Mortimer likes to play with Lucy and definately enjoys her company. Actually, I should put that in past tense. He enjoyed her company, until the Dumpling came home.
You see, Mortimer only has eyes for the Dumpling. He's the first one to great her, he shadows her every move, chases her around the dining room table, *carries* her toys (steal really, but we're trying to pretend he's being cute!) and will move you out of the way when he thinks you've had enough time to play with HIS baby.
But alas, while Dumpling enjoys the running and the chasing, she doesn't shower hime with nearly the amount of affection she does Lucy....
It's pretty funny, how each of them is desperately trying to get another's attention, but if they only stopped for one second, they could form a 2 against one alliance. But no. It's a full fledge love triangle going on!
PS: no TV blogging til tomorrow because a few shows are still on the Tivo, waiting for my husband to rejoining the rest of the family. He's in exile in the kitchen, watching baseball.....

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A Blast from the Past

2004-10-19 - 5:44 p.m.

once upon a time, in 1988, the year the Lambada craze took over the dance clubs, I dated a very good looking, very suave black boy. (this is not a racist thing, it's so you can put a picture in your head: think Taye Digs, but short). This was a boy that turned heads and went home with pockets full of phone numbers, but for some reason, he liked me. We dated not very seriously. I knew he dated lots of other girls on other nights, but the rush of hitting the dance floor with him or whisking past bouncers into the hottest night clubs was just too much to pass up for a chubby girl with lots of personality and little self confidance.
After a few months of being on his rotation, I demanded a more exclusive relationship and he cut me loose. I wasn't hurt, this just wasn't working for me anymore. Then, a few years later, I ran into him again and I made it back into the rotation. By that time, I had a good job and a nice place to live, so I made it to the special level of his rotation schedule: I was the priority. I called, he canceled with the others and took me out. But that also grew tiresome after a while and I cut him loose a second time. We ran into each other over the years, at clubs, at the local park (his mother lived a block away from me for several years) and then I met my hubby and moved to a different neighbourhood. The last time I saw him, 4 years ago, was at the park. He told me how he was still being a bohemian, living between NY, Boston and Haiti, his home country, opening chains of video stores and managing "buisnesses". He was never clear on the nature, I never cared.
Today, a very pretty girl walked into my store, followed by a stunningly gorgeous black man. At first, I just looked at his fabulous leather jacket and clearly expensive shoes, but then, I zeroed on on the face and almost died! It was my dancing boy!!! He was equally stunned to see me, thought I worked at the store and was quite puzzeled (after all, I used to be a very succesful business person). I assured him that I hadn't fallen on hard times, that this was my husband and I's business, that I was happily married, with a child. He oohed over the pictures, was genuinly happy that I was so happy and content with my life.
Then, he introduced me to the girlfriend, who was clearly uncomfortable with the situation. And then he told me how he was moving about between NY and Boston, thinking of opening a chain of video stores in Haiti and I just had to bite my lips to keep from laughing out loud. it's been 15 years, and he's still using the same spiel. She must be the #1 in the rotation, because he hinted they were living together, but I guarantee you, he's not home 2 or 3 nights a week and he's busy romancing some other pretty little thing....
I really wanted to warn her, to tell her he wasnt' worth her time. But then I thought it's not my business, maybe he's changed. And maybe he hasn't. And you know what? I don't have a single bad thing to say aobut him. Yes, he's a total player, but he never stood me up, never made me feel anything but special, and maybe everyone needs that at some point in their young life.
So I let them leave, got on the phone and called my best friend to tell her. She just about died too! here we are, 15 years later..... the choices we make in life are quite amazing sometimes....
PS: honey, because I know you read my blog and sometimes have adverse reactions to some of my posts, don't worry, he's just a mere memory. A story to tell at cocktail parties... I love you, you are the only one for me!!!!

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Don't look!

2004-10-17 - 11:04 p.m.

if you dont' want to see the cutest Dumpling ever!!!!
You've been warned....
here she is, at her grandma's house, after a tomato sauce dinner, carefully picking apart her new favorite treat, a Whippet... (it's a French Canadian thing)

And once grandma cleans her face, this is what you get:

Also, Dumpling apparently does not want you to see how cute she is in her new doggy hat, because she has her head turned the wrong way in all the pictures, here's the best I could do....

More tomorrow if I feel better.

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K is for kidney, S is for.....

2004-10-14 - 11:12 p.m.

STONES! That's right girls, because my life can never be simple and calm, on the day my daughter took her last dose of antibiotics, I came home with a little prescription for Demerol (sp?) *just in case*, because it might get worse before it gets better.

I know kidney stones aren't really a big deal, but yowser, they hurt like a bitch! I started getting a dull pain in my upper left buttock on Sunday, but I thought it was related to all the car-sitting we were doing, driving around southern Vermont. By our return Monday, I needed to take Tylenol to not be bothered by it constantly, and then yesterday morning, I started getting some sporadic sharp pains, so I made an apointment at my lovely GP's office, peed in a cup (I held it in all morning, I KNEW she would make me do this!), and sure enough, high red blood cell count. We didn't go as far as an ultrasound, that will be reserved for next week if it doesn't go away or pass by then.

Thankfully, like the dogs, Dumpling sensed I wasn't on my A Game and was an angel at the doctor's office, and then took a long 2 hour nap so mommy could lie down and wince in peace.... I held off on the magic pills all day, as I was warned they would probably knock me out, but as I am about to go to bed, I just took one and what can I say.... it sure takes away the pain!

Of course, this sudden need for resting allowed me to watch TV.... Celine Dion is still annoying, and now she's ruined Anne Geddes for me... Bye Bye Bubba, you were getting on my nerves, now you're gone, good riddance. Raj, you are not that fascinating, models will not go out with you, and you of all people should not be allowed to pick fabric. however, watching Carolyn laugh til she cried in the fabric store was possible the best ever moment on Apprentice! My husband, who has spend numerous hours in quilt/fabric/yarn stores with me would have done a much better job picking fabrics!

OK, effects of the pill making it difficult to type, will update tomorrow with promised pictures of Dumpling with doggy hat....

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measuring up the Dumpling

2004-10-12 - 12:17 p.m.

well, in all the hoopla of our first cold/ear infection last week, I forgot to mention that we spent a Sunday afternon/evening with some of Dumpling's Chinese Cousins, ie 4 of the 9 girls who were adopted in the same group. We met for an afternoon dinner (people with kids meet at 4:30 pm for dinner.... this is new to me!) of spagetti, where I came to several conclusions:
-the bilingual thing at home is really putting my daughter behind in language development.... Obviously, I knew this already and we made this decision after a lot of thought went into it, but to see her with other girls from the same time/place and watch them string 2 and 3 words together to express their wantes and needs while Dumpling still only says bye-bye was a bit depressing....
- My child doesn't have table manners. We need to work on the messy eating thing, because her cousins all ate with their spoons and barely got dirty, while dumpling dug in to the elbows and covered everyone withing a 10 foot radius with her meal....
- On the plus size though, she is the tallest !!!! YEs, my 18.5 lb, 27 inches itty bitty thing is taller than 4 other girls!! That was freaky to me!
- She definately remembers her special cousins. She was not too happy to see them at first, and given her illness and mood at the time, I can understand the undewhelmed reaction, but she really did remember them.

We went to Vermont for a 4 day weekend. It was a lot of driving, 4 hours away from home, but we had a great time. We went with hubby's oldest sister who has 2 adorable kids and lives far away from us. She is my one SIL that I truly love and get along with, so it was really great to spend time with them. Dumpling loves hotels. Either they remind her of the orphanage, of our two weeks together holed up in a tiny room in China, or she's just a hotel girl. She took to sleeping in the play pen like a champ, which stunned me, because she HATED it in Beijing. The 2nd and 3rd night were actually not in a hotel, but in a rental condo on the slopes of Stratton Mountain. She loved running out the door and knocking on her cousin's door. We shared a common front entrace fromteh elevator, so she couldn't escape to the rest of the complex. She thought this was great. 4 consecutive lunches and dinners in the restaurant were too much for mommy, who needs to remember to add 30 minutes of seating time and 20 minutes of ordering time to the schedule when organizing her days....
but we came back with everything ever made by Osh Kosh, including a lilac snow suit (I cannot wait for the first snow!!!), only a few J Crew additions to mommy's wardrobe, as it was between seasons at the outlet and there wasn't much to pick from, and a slew of vintage fisher price pull toys.
We also got her the cutest dog hat, I promise a picture tomorrow! BTW: she missed her dogs... she wanted to play with every dog in Vermont, and was elated to retrieve Mortimer and Lucy from the trainer last night. Not as elated however, as Mortimer and Lucy were to be retrieved by their very own baby!!!! Edited to add I was looking at my readers stat when someones search of Mikvah IVF caught my eye. It lead them to my entry from last December 6th, the day I official became barren. Wow... I started re-reading my entries from that time, which I'm sure I will do again come December, but I can't beleive how far we've come since then.... 10 months ago, I was lying on the couch in my pj's crying my eyes out, and now, I can't sit down for five minutes! My life seemed meaningless and hopeless, now it's filled with joy and mucus!

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