High Brow Spam

2004-11-04 - 10:14 a.m.

Try as I might not to feel too much like a JAP, I think my spam speaks for itself: While I'm sure I get the usual penis enlargment, nigerian scam and the likes, my yahoo spam control takes care of most of those. But the Cunard line keeps sending me invitations to sail on the QM2, Princess and Royal Carribean contact me on a regular basis to book my next voyage, Martha wants me to buy her holiday decorations (Note to Martha, we're jewish, thanks though!) and JCrew sends me at least one special sale per week. I guess none of these actually qualify as Spam, seing as I probably gave them all my email willingly, and I do enjoy checking out the itineraries and the catalogues....

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Offering room and board across the border

2004-11-03 - 1:35 p.m.

Well, the election party didn't work out, everyone got that bad feeling in the pit of their stomach's in the afternoon and no one made it to our house, so hubby and I watched alone and it was pretty boring. The only two things that I enjoyed were the guy on CBS with his Tom Cruise screen, moving about his maps, that was wild, and of course, Jon Stewart. Funny stuff.

So if you are one of my neighbours to the south and just can't stand another 4 years, I have a spare room, a Kosher kitchen and will exchange room and board for one day a week of Dumpling Sitting and maybe the occasional belly rub to Mortimer and Lucy. Just think, in 6 months, you'll qualify for Canadian Healthcare!

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Cute Dumpling photos!

2004-11-01 - 11:14 p.m.

Halloween was a great success. Dumpling went to a handful of houses, and her brief appearance created quite a stir among the neighbour boys, who found her irresistable! I present proof that she didn't hate every minute of it and actually enjoyed the doggy costume in the end:

But what she enjoyed most was the post trick-or-treating part of the evening, where she answere the door and put the candy in the other kids' bags. After she got her taste of chocolate, we were afraid she wouldn't want to try to give it away, but she did, and she was fabulous at it! For the second part of the evening, she dressed as a chinese baby! it was a great costumer, with the straight black hair and sweet slanted eyes....

She wasn't scared of a single costume, not even the huge teenage boys in rubber masks that made me shake in my pants!

So you guys are having some sort of election tomorrow, eh? Well just to show you how much we as Canadians care about what you guys decide, hubby actually invited some friends over to watch the coverage on the big scrren. That's right folks, we're having a US Election Night Party! The boys have committed to their numbers (my husband, the closet Republican has predicted a Bush win at 306... in his dreams!) and we've suggested guests bring a toothbrush and a pillow, since it might be a while before they can go home!
In all seriousness though, I hope Kerry wins, if only for his stance on a woman's right to chose, and the whole war thing. It's been pretty hairy in our house over the last few weeks. My husband and I suddenly find ourselves on opposites sides of the spectrum in an election we can't vote in. But with the US having so much influence in the world at large but in our Canadian lives in particular, we follow very closely what goes on and are quite anxious to see what happens.

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