A star is born.

2003-10-23 - 3:31 p.m.

I can't believe how pretty I am..... I know, that sounds terribly pretentious, but let me tell you why it's not really....

I went on tv today, to talk about "trendy" and "funky" items. It started with an interview about my interior decorator, who used footage of our house to illustrate funky decors, and in speaking to me, the researchers decided to invite me to brgin a shit-load of stuff to show from our store.

As soon as I left the studio, I called my husband, who told me the phone had been ringing off the hook with people wanting the address or directions to get to the store. Then I spoke to my mother, who told me I looked fabulous and that my French was perfect (*see sidebar on that topic a little further down)

So I went home, and after walking Mortiemer and Lucy, I plopped my very exhausted body on the couch and rewound my imitation-Tivo digital recorder and watched myself. Then I watched myself again..... REgular readers will have seen mention my weight in the past, new readers, here's the scoop. As a teenager, I was a skinny yet muscular girl. Then I got Irritable Bowel Disease and the only way to stop the pain was to eat bread and pasta. For 7 years. I got really big. Size 24. From the time I was 23 on, I hated looking at myself in the mirror, in pictures, all that.

2 years ago this coming December, I had a drastic surgury, a combination of stomach/bowel surgery and gastric bypass, to prevent further pain and help me loose the accumulated weight of my bread diet.

I'm a size 6 now. So to see myself on tv today was absolutely shocking. You know how they say TV puts on 10 pounds, well, I must be very skinny, 'cause baby, I look good!!!! Even with the extra 10 TV pounds! I did my own hair and makeup, they just touched up my lips, and by the 3rd time I watched the tape, I still coulnd't believe how pretty I looked! I can honetly say I haven't thought of myself as pretty since my high-school graduation. I liked my wedding pictures, but nothing like what I saw today!

*Sidebar: Speaking French. I'm French Canadian, born and bread. I went to French primary and high school. But after a student exchange in Austria and a realisation I had a real talent for languages, I switched over the English school and did my prep-college, undergrad and graduate studies in English. My husband is english-speaking. Most of my friends are anglos or speak english most of the time. Except for my parents and my brother, I rarely speak French anymore. Sometimes, my mom gets really mad at me when I sprinkle my conversations with English words because I can't be bothered to try to think of the French word for what I'm trying to say. It makes her mad. She's worried I'll loose my French or my kids won't learn to speak properly. But I gotta tell you, I was a star this morning! I knew all the right vocabulary words, I didn't make one gramatical mistake, I sounded very professional. For my mom to even comment on how nicely I spoke, it really made me feel good....

A little bit of TV chatter: West Wing was fab last night! I felt so bad for that Chineese guy... I KNOW he's an actor, not a real person, but he was soooo good, I wanted to marry him to give him asylum! (Oops, I'm already married and I'm not american....) Karen Sisco is one kick-ass chick! If she was real, I'd want to be her friend. But she needs to keep the company of a man who is not her father or her father's friend.... Also watch L&O SVU, not liking the new ADA too much, which is probably exactely what they wanted and how they wrote it.

For the first time this Season, I will not be watching Survivor live, it will have to wait til I get home from work at 9:00... don't call me to tell me what happened!

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Viva Las Vegas.. NOT!

2003-10-22 - 3:36 p.m.

The large suitcase on wheels that I packed full of goodies to bring to the tv show tomorrow is sooooo heavy, I don't know how I'll get it out of my car by myself!!!

We added that obscure french-language station to our satellite line-up this morning so I could watch the show before actually being on it. Think Regis and Kelly, LOCALLY! In French! The entire show today had a Vegas theme: a woman who is obsessed with Celine Dion and brought her gigantic collection of memorabilia, a man who runs the 4th largest Elvis museum, in the middle of rural Quebec! They had black jack tables and roulette, and a tacky singer from the 60's who used to do French covers of popular English top 40 songs... Truly, truly sad.

Having never seen the show before, I'm not sure if it's always that bad or if it was related to the Vegas theme, but boy oh boy, am I glad nobody I know gets that station (save for my parents, who have set both VCRs to tape my television appearance, to be added to the tape that includes my brother's game show debut at age 9, my local news interviews as a PR consultant and the bit they did on the doggy-daycare, where they interviewed my husband and Mortimer!)

Last night's episode of L&O SVU was so far fetched, so out there, I had a real hard time believing in it, yet I was fascinated by it at the same time. I wish I knew what "true story" it was based on..... I also am kind of secretly enjoying "Happy Family" and "I'm with her". Secretely, because somehow, I know, neither of these shows will last through the season and I won't want to admit I watched them, but I am....

What I'm not hiding though, is my absolute LOVE for Joe Millionaire Part Deux.... A) I didn't think they could pull it off a second time, B) Joe is cuter, more lovable, yet even dumber than Joe I!!! and most of all C) the girls are total Euro-Trash!!!! Honestly, they make MoJo look like a classy gal!!!!

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that's on short skirt!

2003-10-21 - 10:21 a.m.

Good morning one and all! Yes, I'm definately much more chipper today than I was last time I wrote. It was a bit of a trying weekend, working out my differences with my friend, but we did and had a great visit together at lunch yesterday, all is well with the world again.

Also, it's been a full week since Lucy joined our little human/canine family and if there are any doubts about how the pups are getting along, here's a shot of them sleeping together on the couch.

Lucy sleeps through the night now. She's gotta go out very early in the morning, at least early for us, but we can get a good 6, almost 7 hours straight. In less than a week, I'd say that's pretty good! Also, she's not eating quite as much anymore. I don't know if it's the antibiotics making her less hungry, or if she is starting to trust that there will always be more food, so she doesn't have to scraf down every little thing in sight!

The TV cameras were at my house and store yesterday, filming some footage for a french-language mornign show. I haven't heard back from the researcher yet, but if all goes according to plan, I should be on Thursday, talking about our funky house and the crazy things we sell at the store....

TV TALK With everything that's been going on in my life, I've hardly blogged about the incredible amount of TV I've been watching....

I'm totally loving Threath Matrix. The stories are interesting, different from what I've seen before. I'm still liking CSI Miami, but I don't know what they've donw with "Kelly Ducane". First, her hair was much better long and straight. Second, she used to be more detached, ice-queen like. This year, she's all lovey dovey with the detective, taking care of her daddy... not like her too much. Still totally addicted to Survivor, and even though I know there is no way he can win, I'm loving Rupert! If I ever have a troubled teenager, I will spare no expense to have that man come over!

We were lucky enough to see a new episode of Queer Eye this weekend, Tom from Long Island, who wanted his girlfriend to move in... into a dump! As is a city dump! Who really lives like that??? Seriously, do guys find out they're gonna be on the show, so they stop taking out the garbage for a week and spread it across the apartment? honestly, NOBODY can really live like that. Even crazy hording people have some sense to take out the rotting food..... And that girl friend.... before Carson said anything, I also screamed "that can't be a skirt, those have to be hot pants!", but alas, not, that piece of black fabric was indeed passing for a skirt. Did she try to look like a hooker that day????

OK, gotta catch up on some accounting, and it's Lucy's first day at the store, so far, she's a bit skittinsh, but we havent' had customers yet, can't wait to see how she deals with them!

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