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2003-10-17 - 2:21 p.m.

it's Friday afternoon, in 2 hours, my work week is over. I've never been so happy to see a week end! I'm tired, I wanna go home and hybernate all weekend. The fewer people I have to interact with, the better.

Why can't people be more like dogs? We have two dogs now. Mortimer resented Lucy's arrival for about 5 minutes, then I gave him a treat and we were best buds again. Yesterday, Lucy went to the vet and had all kinds of rude tests performed on her, only to find out she's got a bladder infection and needs antibiotic. She should be moping around, unhappy, but show her a ball and she'll jump up and down.

Someone close to me had been acting a bit distant in the past few months. This seemed to be escalating, until this person came to my house 2 weeks ago for my big Rosh Hashana lunch and said only hello and goodbye. I decided to bring it up in an email, concerned that this person was going through something. Turns out, I'm the something.

We seem to be on two totally different wavelenghts and my email opened the floodgates of bad feelings, resentment and dare I say, nastyness. Now I feel like crap. I do take responsibility for some of the things this person brought up. But I think the responsibility spreads to the other side as well.

Now if we were dogs, we could lick each other's butts and move on. But we're complex humans, so now, we have to try to find a way to heal feelings, mend fences and move on. But I don't know how. I hope this person does.


Happy Friday thoughts: Finding it a little hard to end this post on a happy note, but will try anyways.... Really liking Threat Matrix. It's on at a bad time, but I catch the West Coast feed on the PVR and that works for me. Looking forward to plenty of TLC and HGTV on our new bitg screen, and of course, the mother of all slip covers. Happy weekend everyone!

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slip cover mania

2003-10-16 - 12:20 p.m.

my husband was kind enough to work the entire day yesterday so I could stay home and rest.... I have hostess exhaustion! 3 dinners down, one to go. Although this last one is a joke. Our guests cancelled yesterday, we have a ton of leftovers, so I invited my parents to come over and help us finish! I have nothing to prepare, just heat up everything that's left. Whatever doesn't get eaten today goes in the garbage, that's it, that's the end!

Lucy is doing great! She slept through the entire night last night, no 2 am poo, no walking around, just sleep!!! Yeah Lucy! Our guests last night have two kids, a 4 year old and a 6 month old. Normally, that would make Mortimer bark for a few minutes, then he would settle down. But with carefull compforting and Lucy sunny disposition, he didn't bark once! Yeah Mortimer!

I'm gonna be on TV.... This french tv show is doing a report on funky decors, and is interviewing our decorator. She only helped us with colors, as we had most of our ideas already, but she did mention our house to the researcher. Then she mentioned our store. Now they are coming to film the house and the store!!!! So my plan is to actually try to make the couch slip-cover over the weekend so I can use the new basement as well in their shots. On Monday morning. We'll see if all those hours of watching Trading Spaces will pay off! I've made a ton of slip covers before: lime green strech velvet (don't ask!), denim with pockets, fitted and un-fitted, with hand-made piping, but this is by far the largest project, since it's a huge L shaped sectional with a dozen loose cushions.

Thankfully, we got the new large screen tv, so I can watch DVD's while I'm sewing....

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that's a lot of dog hair

2003-10-14 - 10:28 a.m.

good Tuesday morning one and all! Since we are now closed on Mondays for the fall and winter season, I won't be blogging on Mondays too often. Sorry to disappoint the masses.... (wishful thinking)

So we now have two dogs. Lucy came home on Saturday afternoon. She is one eager to please, cheery, bouncing girl! While Mortimer is distinguished and dainty, Lucy is lumpy and built like a tank! And when they both gang up on you, move over, you've got not chance!

It was an intersting weekend: getting her used to the house, getting Mortimer used to her, and cooking for the daily dinners I'm hosting this week in our Sukkah. Thankfully, Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving, which gave us the whole day to play and tire them out! She's a champ with kids, so we've had lots of little neighbours drop by to say hi! word got out very quickly there was a new puppy in town!

Mortimer is taking it all in stride. Toys he had never played with have suddenly become favorites, just because Lucy showed an interest. He's not very jealous and doesn't mind the attention we give her, as long as he gets his too!

While they really look nothing alike in many ways, sometimes, it's impossible to tell them apart! Same color, size and ears, so when they are asleep or running in the yard, you don't know which one is which. I took lots of pictures, which I would love to show you, but I can't find my upload wire.... gotta stay organized!

Of course, I still have a thousand things to do at work, I still need to cook for 3 more dinners, and I have cookbook duties to attend to (the chairwomand is a guest at tomorrow dinner, so I better put that one to the top of the list!), but here I am, blogging away.... Procrastination..... my cryptonite!

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