moving to a new web location

2005-03-22 - 3:02 p.m.

well, I'm moving.... to a new location. Please update your bookmarks and I hope you'll follow me to:

I never could get the template quite right here, and there have been lots of problems lately, so before I lose you all to downed servers, I've set up house somewhere else.

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Dumpling = 2

2005-03-21 - 8:51 p.m.

My dad used to say it wasn't a real birthday without an injury: either to the parent who was putting a toy together, or to the kid who was a little too eager to try something new.... I can report that Dumpling turned two without a hitch... I, however, sacrified part of a finger to a new play kitchen....

I will will you more about Dumpling's first celebration, the lovely kitchen I painstainkignly put together and the old lapo-top that made her foget ALL the other presents.... but you'll have to wait til tomorrow, after I have a professionnal take a look at the part of the finger that is currently held together with gauze and tape... it's a flesh wound, but it's a whole lotta flesh!!!!

I promise pictures too....

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