should I fire myself?

2005-03-17 - 2:48 p.m.

I have been holed up in my home-office all week, trying to cure myself of my accouting-related Procrastination Disease.... I'm caught up to December 31, which is amazing for me, but embarassing as a business person.... For some strange reason, I find it easier to tackly huge house projects than these critical work-related tasks... that is the one thing about being your own boss: no one can fire you.... which in this instance is a bad thing.

The carpenter came today and put up my platerack/molding in the breakfast room. Check! I still have to putty the holes and do touch up paint, but that is one more project off my list.

We are off to Toronto for the weekend, to meet the newborns of two sets of friends. What should be a quick jont down the 401 is turning into a huge production because the Dumpling is coming along. So we must pack up all child-related necessities.... She's at a stage now where we need less supplies, but more entertainment. So Sonya Lee and Doudou will be making the trip, along with the portable DVD player and the Wiggles.

The usual list of places I hit when I go to Toronto will be scratched, to be replaced by more child-friendly, child-oriented ones: a bigger toy store, cute kids clothing, etc.

and Monday.... well, Monday, my tiny little Dumpling turns 2.... TWO!!! did you hear me?!?!? my baby is two.... must find alcool ....

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The REAL Mental Magician

2005-03-16 - 2:58 p.m.

Man, I tried to stay offline for a few days (catchign up on much neglected store accounting), and all hell broke loose!

* First off, Jen is a new mother! Congrats!

* Then a mean lady (I won't link so as not to increase her traffic) picked on my beloved Figlet.... not cool!

* A dear friend of hubby's had a baby, and in a fit of craziness while feeding his newborn son at 2 in the morning, decided to start his own blog.

Last night, I proposed to a man other than my husband.... See, if I wasn't already married and he wasn't engaged to Amber, I totally would marry Rob, because that boy is a GENIUS! Not only did he find a perfectly legal way to get around eating cow-guts, but he got *OTHER TEAMS* to do the same, thereby solidifying his position as the RobFather.... Somewhere in California, Asshat Jonathan is kicking himself ans screaming "Now that's a mental magician!" (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, too bad, you are missing out on the best show on television!)

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the death of hipness

2005-03-13 - 1:47 p.m.

here is a simple fact: not even my GAP Long-and-Leans, the matching orange Uggs/Kate Spade bag/Bugaboos and funky orange tie-belt could make me hip when attending an RV show... Because there is just NOTHING that can make hip-ness stick to the un-hipness of the RV show....

So in case you didn't figure it out, we went to the RV show today... My husband has long had a dream of taking an RV trip, an Airstream vacation to be exact. As a matter of fact, he toyed around with the idea of doing and Aistream honeymoon, but if he actually wanted to get me under the huppa, he had to shelf the idea. But we are indeed toying with the idea of renting one of these monsters and taking the Dumpling and the dogs on a road trip this summer. There has even been interest on the part of some of our friends to pack up their kids and join us.

Sounds like fun, except for a few things. The RV people won't actually rent one to you if you tell them about the dogs. So you have to lie and then vaccum the hell out of it before you give it back. And lots of RV parks dont' allow dogs outside the RV, so we still have to wrestle with the taking/not taking the dogs decision.

Also, and this is where I out myself as a metropolitain snob, the problem with taking an RV vacation is well, the RV people.... 2 hours at the RV show was enough to convince me of 2 things: 1) we will not be renting one of those mother-of-all 34 foot monsters, a nice small class C 21 footer would do just fine. 2) I don't want to spend my vacation with the RV people....

I don't mean to generalize here, and if you RV, please forgive me, but there aren't too many 30-something hipsters with internationally-adopted kids in the RV world.... As a matter of fact, I heard more rude/racist comments about my *adorable chinese girl* in the two hours at the RV show then in the whole 10+ months since she's been home.

So we'll still explore the possibilities, but I'm not convinced...

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Feet grow too!

2005-03-11 - 9:54 p.m.

My kid is of the long and skinny variety. her waist has held steady at size 6 months since her arrival, but her legs now demand a size 18-24 months. So she wears a lot of overalls, dresses, capris (really, long pants that are just too short), or she looks like a teeneager, with her pants hanging below her diaper.

Over the last few months, we have had to purchase lots of new clothes, mostely pants, because of the lengthening of the limbs.

Someone, I missed the feet.... This morning, I was clipping her toenails when I noticed that they were sort of curling under.... It occured to me that she had been wearing the same size shoes since the fall. She has tons of shoes, but they are all the same size.

I took her to the mall, and sure enough, the Bad Mommy Award goes to me, because she no longer wears a size 5, but a 6! In European sizes, it's even worst, she's gone up 2 and a half sizes (they mesure in centimeters, so there are lots more sizes....).

How is it that I totally missed that? she wasn't complaining or anything, she's not walking funny, but man, those shoes had to be killing her! I guess it's early practice for her first Jimmy Choos...

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the many faces of Dumpling

2005-03-10 - 3:29 p.m.

Let's be honest, you don't come here to read my funny banter, you come here hoping for Dumpling pictures.... so today is your lucky day!

Without prompting, she's started to tilt her head whenever we take a picture of her.... she's getting ready for ANTM...

My budding little fashionista is no longer content iwth the Baby Gap collection, she must now sport Mommy's Gap jacket.....

Fun with the air vents at the bowling alley:

Nothing goes better with a face-full of spagetthi sauce than a duck hat, especially if you put it on by yourself!

And finally, even fashionistas get the blues.....

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