save me from the quacking!

2005-01-27 - 12:58 p.m.

when we borrowed a Wiggles CD from our friends last month, Dumpling showed no interest, and I felt blessed. Then she saw it on tv a few days ago and started, well, Wiggling! Since she loved dancing so much on the ship, I made the mistake of letting her watch the two episodes I Ti-Fauxed* a few times.(*TM someone much funnier than me, used to decribed the Faux-Tivo we have in Canada)

well, am I living to regret this. Yesterday, she came up to me with her arms tucked under her armpits, flapping like a mad chicken and DEMANDED that I put on the Quack Quack song. In order to avoid a meltdown, I played it, 5 times. Now, she will metl into a puddle of tears if I refuse to put it on for her. But if I hear that song one more time, I will simply loose it. So before work this morning, I purchased two full Wiggles DVD and I can only hope that she'll at least take the variations in songs and will give me a break with the quacking!

BTW: it feels so very very wrong to be posting about this on the 60th anniversary of a momentous event in jewish history, . It feels even worse to associate how wrong this feels with the Seinfeld making out at Shindler's list episode.... I am a shameful girl.

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a public apology to IH

2005-01-27 - 12:23 a.m.

this is to publica;ly apologize to my friend IH (whom I doubt I can still call a friend after this), whose birthday went somewhat unnoticed during the return to our daily life and a big internet DNS shuffle at the store.....

I wrote her a funny ecard and it just got lost in the ether, and therefor, she would be under the impression I forgot about her.

IH, you gift awaits you, I'm so very very sorry I didn't get in touch with you that day!

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Garbage excitement

2005-01-25 - 3:45 p.m.

What can I say? My husband has a certain level of OCD. I mean, how else can you explain an entire entry about the impact of the changing gargbage pick-up schedule..... Listen, sweatheart, I love you, but why don't you just collect the garbage THE NIGHT BEFORE and put it in those two giant outdoor cans we have. All you would have left to do in the morning is to bring them to the curb. Seriously, dear, you could go all out and spend the whole evening with your garbage and recycling, I know how happy that would make you!

The funny thing is that he is passsing this garbage OCD onto our daughter. She LOVES to put things in the garbage. If you need to distract her from anything, just find a piece of lint and ask her to go throw it out. She'll get giddy with excitement. She also loves to put her dirty clothes in the hamper (can I save this and show it to her when she's a teenager?) and yesterday, I got her to hand me all the clothes while I put them in the wash, then I got her to put them in the dryer, and finally, to take them from the dryer and put them back in the hamper so I could carry them upstairs. Does that qualify as child labour? I gave her animal crackers as a payment.....

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Toddler Bowling

2005-01-24 - 5:02 p.m.

Why couldn't have the big snow hit a little further north, we little Dumplings have snow suits and sleds ready to go, but it's soooo damn cold, their mummies don't take them outside???

What we did do to get her to run off a bit of energy was to take her bowling on Sunday afternoon, with a bunch of other little chinese girls from our newly formed Cousin's Club. She had a blast! At first, there was only one mom with a 3 1/2 year old, but Dumpling just loved following her around. Once a few other parents arrived, we got a couple of lanes of the small pins and let the little darlings for at it. Who know my daughter would be a bowler? toddler bowling? Seriously, who knew?

TV TALK I'm all for breaking away from the Law and Order franchises, but what's with the sudden onslaught of *alternative* investigative techniques? First a Medium, now a math genius (Numb3rs). I must say, I liked both of the shows, but isn't there a single network outthere capable of coming up with a NEW idea???

During our cruise, my kid learned two of the Baby Einstein DVDs off by heart. That's great, there are actually good. But suddenly, after not liking them at first, she's into the Wiggles.... Seriously, after Boobah, could it have gotten any worse? Apparently so. These guys make Barney look like a musical genius! I envy Mimi Smartypants, she gets to watch Maisy!

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