greetings from the edge of the earth

2004-01-19 - 4:47 p.m.

Hello from Ushaia, Argentine, the end of the world!!! So far south, we can only go north!

so far, a beautiful trip. Eating and drinking too much, my husband almost flew away in 100km/hr winds in the national park in Chile, have seen animals I never knew existed (who knew there wer 4 kinds of llamas).

We are the youngest people on the ship, except for the dozen or so actual children. I made freinds with a cute little 9 year old Brazilian girl who follws me everywhere now! I have to French Braid her hair, play Clue and Go Fish (in portuguese, which I don't speak).

I've never had a groupy before....

OK, internet expensive, talk to you guys again soon

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