Confessions of an over-packer

2004-01-10 - 9:20 p.m.

Hello. My name is Mortimer's Mom and I'm an over packer.

Hello Mortimer's Mom

We're done packing for our 16 day trip. We don't leave til noon tomorrow, but we're done already. It's amazing how quickly things get done when you don't have two 50lb fluffy balls of hair runing around and stealing your underwear!

Anyways, I'm sure we packed too much. At first, Hubby had way more than I did. But then, after everything was packed, I went through my closet and started adding "just a couple of things" here and there.

I got 3 pairs of short, 3 pairs of capris, 2 pairs of pants and 1 pair of dress pants, 2 skirts, 4 dresses (1 everyday and 3 evening), 2 fancy tops (to mix with skirts or fancy pants), 5 tanktops, 10 tees, 4 long sleeve tees, 2 cotton shirts, 2 cute sweaters and 2 warm sweaters, bathing suits, undies, socks (even though I rarely wear socks, we'll be *hiking* so I'll need to save my feet from blisters). Then, when I was done, I added one more pair of dressy-ish pants with matching top and an embroidered shirt.....

And then, there are the toiletries!!! I was able to leave my blow dryer behind because I know the ship has one in the cabin, and the 4 days on land, well, I'll live without it. But I did bring the usual, along with both Hang Straight and Be Curly Aveda hair stuff, Tylenol, Mydol, Empracets, Immodium, Polysporin, Benedryl cream, Gravol and... that's it! Everytime we go away, I don't bring one of these, and then I end up needing it. So this time, I got it all!!! too much, I know. And because I have it, I won't need it. But at least I won't have to pay 25USD for 6 pills on the ship....

The crazy thing about this trip is that the weather is going to be all kinds of extreme. Really hot in certain parts, really chilly in others. So I have to pack for all seasons and remember to dress in layers. Thankfully, 80 % of my wardrobe is pink, so everything will match!!!

I did come to one realisation when I packing. I love strapless or spagetti strap 50's inspired dresses with tight tops and poodle skirts.... All my evening dresses, even my day-time dresses are cut the same. most of them have some sort of bow or ribbon at the waist. They look darling on me, but I think I will make a point to try to buy a dress that is cut differently next time I go shopping!

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time is ticking!!!!

2004-01-10 - 3:55 p.m.

don't know if I'll get another entry in before I leave, if I don't, please visit my links during my absence, those gals/chicks/ladies will keep you busy! Most of them are much better writers and have much more interesting lives than I do, just don't forget about me and come back on jan 29th!

Now, here is what I have accomplished in the last 2 days: Nothing. Zilch. Nada. I never got out of my pj's yesterday, never put on a bra, didn't even brush my teeth.... I laid about on the couch all day, watching crap on tv and playing with my laptop. Here's what I could have done instead: gone to work, packed, done dishes, end world hunger... OK, dishes is a bit far fetched, but still, I could have at least rinsed my plate!

It was too damn cold to do anything. My hubby did open the store for a while, but no one came in, except a few lost souls looking to warm up on their way home from the metro station. And they don't count, 'cause they don't even hide the fact they're not shopping. They just huddle near the radior, blow on their hands and run back out again!

Today, I did get dressed. Into my Michelin Man outfit #2, basically, the same as the other day, but replace all things pink with grey. Much less cheery, but hey, I need the pink stuff for my holiday! After actually putting on *clothes* (I use the term lightly, because in my world sweatpants and bulky sweaters barely qualify as clothes) I ventured to the magazine store to buy a few rags and some puzzle books for the long plane ride. Then I ventured to Walmart for a mechanical pencil, some nuts and bolts to fix the mailbox before we leave, and a small bottle of mouth wash.

After having accomplished so much, I went back home and let the ice melt off my body for 2 hours, before finally making it to work to sign some checks and get organized. I took down the holiday window display but was utterly uninspired to create another one, so I left it for the girls to do during my absence.

Nobody has walked in in the last 2 hours, so I might just shut early again and go attack the packing. At this time tomorrow, we will be on a plane to Atlanta, where we will switch to a plane that will take us to Chile. Yeah! I'm finally excited! The ship has the net, so I will try to post at least once. But no promises, they charge an arm and a leg!!!

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what's a Super Hero Scarf you asked....

2004-01-09 - 8:35 a.m.

What's a Super Hero Scarf? That was the question from Jennye after yesterday's post....

No, I am not running around town with a Wonder Woman scarf (although I do have a Wonder Woman Belt Buckle!). A Super Hero Scarf is Andrea Shear's yummy fuzzy creation that keeps my neck warm, while being totally stylsih, a tall order! Every single time I wear it, I get a comment on how cute, yummy, soft, stylish my scarf is! Of course, I don't need to tell you this, but mine is..... Pink!


Long time since I've dished on TV, mostly because now I can post to TWoP as I'm watching!!! I really like "The Apprentice" last night. Trump is too rehearsed and stiff, but the concept is very intersting to me. I hate Sam. The guy is a brown noser. He's not even hiding it! Omarosa also got on my nerves, but not as much as Tammy, who was trying too hard to be a bitch, but then showed her true lack of any sense of the world by asking Trump's gfriend who she kept the apartment clean!!!! Even I have a cleaning lady! I liked Erika and Amy, and the interchangeable Nick and Bill (honestly, could those guys look anymore alike??)

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Michelin man goes pink

2004-01-08 - 10:54 p.m.

Everybody from cootiehog to junegirl was doing it, so I jumped off the bridge too. Actually, I didn't jump off the bridge, apparently, I:

Fit fit fits.
You will perish of fits. Repeat this to yourself:
"Things can work out even if I don't get
my way. Things can work out even...."

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
brought to you by Quizilla

What I really could have died from today is the embarassment of the outfit I actually wore out of the house to brave the cold. One pair black tights, one pair pick polka dots socks (warm and fuzzy), on pair navy sweatpants, one long sleeve grey t-shirt, covered by one pink t-shirt and finally, a pink zippered sweater.

Those are the layers I wore *inside*. For outside, I added a puffy jacket, my Super Hero scarf, pink tuque and mits and warm boots. I looked like the pink Michelin Man.

That's life in Canada for you. I don't know how Mary does it everyday.....

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OK, I'll pack now....

2004-01-08 - 8:21 a.m.

well, if I needed any more incentive to get excited about our trip, the weather is totally pushing me to pack: it's -24 C this morning. Yahoo helped me convert into Farenheit, that's -12F, without the wind-chill.... Probably -20F with the windchill.... OK, I'm ready for this cruise!

*Side note Canda converted to the metric system in the early seventies. I was born in 1970. Yet for some reason, I can do some measurments in Imperial (inches, feet, pounds), but others in metric (temperature, speed (km/hr)) How weird is that? We go to Florida every year, and the whole time, I have no clue how hot it's gonna be everyday unless my husband converts it for me....

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my husband, the great inspiration

2004-01-07 - 5:08 p.m.

my husband's been uttering some real pearls of wisdom over the last couple of days. Not pearls of wisdom so much as perfect little snippets into his psyche.....

"Roses are Red, Violets are blue, I look Gay, Toodaloo!"

and saunters upstairs to bed..... too funny!

Then, this morning, we're getting yet one more vaccination for our undetermined trip to China. Now you must know my husband is a cross between Jon Stewart and Gilbert Godfreyd, a little jewish ball of nerves. The doctor asks him to relax his arm, he proceeds to slump halfway to the floor like a rag dool, except his arm is still totally stiff! She pricks him, it hurts. I tell him he was meant to relax his arms, not fake a yoga position and he retorts, all jittery: "I don't know *HOW* to relax" Yah! No kidding!

Well, I guess you had to be there.....

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aunt flo, where'd you go???

2004-01-07 - 12:39 p.m.

I still haven't gotten my period. We ended the cycle on Decembe 6th, I should have gotten my period by the 18th of December. Still nothing.

So I called the fertility clinic (the in-fertility clinic in my case) and they told me my body was probably in that state of *chemical pregnancy* I had never hear about until I read some of my favorite blogs. So my uterus is confused and is holding on to its precious lining.... They have to wait 45 days after I was supposed to get my period. Then, they'll give me some sort of 3 day pill thingy and hopefully, my uterus will release it's cargo. If not, D&C.... Nobody has ever mentioned any of this to me before. So as I pack for this vacation, I must pack a ton of tampons and pads, in case I get the worst period of my life.

I don't know if I want to get my period or not. If I get it, I avoid more medications and a procedure, but then again, how much fun is it going to be to have wicked cramps and lay in bed while on vacation.....

This never ends. Bad enough I can't have kids, now I have to actually hope and pray I get my period.....
edited to add
I just googled Chemical Pregnancy... What the heck was that doctor talking about?!??! It's like the eaxt opposite of what's happening to me! I didn't form an embryo and start bleeding a few days later.... It's the OPPOSITE! the embryo never formed, but the hormone levels I was on are fooling my uterus into thinking it needs to keep it's lining... So what the heck do you call that!?!?!? If you know, email me!

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All Aboard! Bring on the Shuffle board.

2004-01-06 - 8:41 p.m.

There are only 5 days left til we leave for our big trip to South America.... I haven't mentioned too much about this yet because frankly, for some weird reason, my heart really hasn't been in it very much. Mostely, I think the whole failed in-vitro thing kinda soured the vacation. But now, we are about to leave and I'm finally becoming excited about it. My hubby is VERY excited about this vacation. It's been his baby all along and he's plain giddy about it.

So we fly to Chile, board the ship, stay on a day or two, get off for 4 days to do a land tour of Chile, then rejoin the ship and go around Tierro del Fuego, up the Argentinian coast til Buenos Aires, where we've decided to stay an extra 2 days (1 night) before coming back. I haven't been to South America since my second stay in Venezuela 10 years ago. It should be fun to get to use my Spanish (I did use it in the Carribean and Puerto Rico).

The packing is gonna be pretty crazy. It's summer down there, but we've been told to bring lots of *layers* because it will rain and it might be cold at night. Plus the whole bottom of the Americas passage is bound to be chilly! So we went to the outdoor adventure store and bought ourselves a rain/wind shell, plus a warm quick drying layer, and I got good walkig shoes.... for a cruise people! Not mountain climbing, no trekking, a cruise!!!! Those day excursions better be exciting, 'cause we're ready for all eventualities!

I love cruises. Mostely because I love seing lots of different places in one vacation, but I HATE the packing and unpacking related to moving about a lot. So cruising is perfect: different port everyday, my undies stay in the drawer the whole time! So far, our 3 cruises have been great, with lots of people *our age*, even the one to Europe, where we thought the price might mean only *older* people, but there were lots of honeymooners like us. This time however, I'm pretty sure there won't be to many thirty somethings on a south american cruise in January. It's not wedding season, it's not cheap and it's long: retirees, here we come!

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in love with Airline

2004-01-06 - 8:23 a.m.

So, how much do I LOVE A&E's new show Airline??? Wowo! That's REality Television! I was all prepared to love their other show, House of Dreams, but frankly, the premiere was a bit meehh. Airline, however.... WOW!

the supervisor who has the ask the clearly homeless man to clean himself up because the smell is is emanating will disturb the other passengers. But then she hunts around for clothes for him, they git him deodorant, and a food voucher! I know this didn't cost them anything out of their own pockets, but it was still so human and kind.

But I do have one complaint. Not about the show, but about that Chicago to Vegas Flight *on board entertainment*. The 3 flight attendants doing schtick? Please! I would have had a sh*t fit!

Maybe it's because I used to write airline regulations and now I get to watch them implemented, or maybe it's just my voyeuristic side, but I'm totally in love with this show. I will have to find room for it ont he recorder while we are away.....

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it's Live! with Nick and Jessica!

2004-01-05 - 7:51 p.m.

first live posting while watching evening tv....

Nick and Jessica... what can I say???? he's schelepped to Cincinatti to sing at his grand-mothers wedding and she's being prissy.... Good times! I hope his second wife treats him better. Seriously, how cute is it that he sang at his grandmother's wedding at the retirement community?!?!?

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monday morning

2004-01-05 - 9:41 a.m.

A whole day off and nothing to do... unfortunately, I can't leave the house until later, as there are two guys fixing the furnace in the basement...

Mortimer went off to doggy daycare this morning for a much needed running off of energy, and Lucy will join him later, after the Vet. This poor dog still has some unexplained rash from an allergy. She's been on the allergy-free dog food for over a month now, to no avail, so we are hoping for a referal to an allergist this morning... This is a dog! But she is so darn sweet and adorable, we will do everything in our power to help her out.

I gotta call the nurse at the fertility clinic... I still haven't gotten my period since our 3rd failed cycle. I was supposed to get it on the 18th of December, I'd say I'm sufficiently late to be concerned. Obviously, there is not a chance in hell I'm preganant, so I'm wondering what the heck could be going on.

When I'm free to move about later, I'm thinking of going to lock myself in a movie theater to see girly flicks (maybe Mona Lisa Smile).

More later.

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the end of procrastination as we know it!

2004-01-04 - 10:11 p.m.

I feel so productive, so accomplished! Technology is my friend.... With my new laptop, I have spent the last 3 days catching up on 4 months of accouting. Save for the tax remittance form, I am UP TO DATE! That's right, 4 months of procrastination out the window, sitting on the couch, watching movies! (More like *hearing* movies actually, but you get the picture).

The problem with waiting 3 months to post to the general ledger is that things that made perfect sense at the time (ie a gift certificate redeemed or an exchange) are totally forgotten months later... takes longer to figure things out. But I'm done, balanced to the penny. For someone slightly dislexic with a fear of numbers, this is a major accomplishement for me! My former accoutant-boss would be so proud!

What I also did this weekend is play way too many games of Spider Solitaire, get addicted to a fairly lame yahoo-version of Clue (Inspector Parker). So addicted in fact, I actually paid for the full version... lame, I know!

Now I must go on the hunt for a practical but stylish carrier for this laptop. It's amazing how many hits you get is you Google Cool Laptop Bag. But I refuse to pay 200$US for a bag! (unless it says Kate Spade!!!!) I'll look around the net some more, but since we'll be on vacation most of January and then are heading to San Francisco for work in February, I might wait until then to look.... I'm thinking San Francisco would be the type of place to have cool stuff...

OK, Inspector Parker needs my help....

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