on the hunt for kelly ripa

2003-07-18 - 10:40 a.m.

Let's get the heavy stuff out of the way first: we had a follow up meeting at the fertility clinic yesterday. The doctor was running over 2 hours late, so we did a lot of waiting around.... When he finally got to us, he was a bit rushed, but we still got to ask our questions, so that was good. I do seem to be showing some symptoms of very early menopause, which sucks. Also, he seemed concerned about my blood sugar level, so I need to have that checked. He summed up the whole thing by saying we need to get more eggs. Duh! We KNEW that! He offered to do a 3rd cycle in 3 months, with yet higher levels of horomones (can they get any higher???) and lowel levels of Orgalutron, which might have stopped the eggs from growing last time. Not the greatest news, not the worst. I couldn't bring myself to ask him point blank if he thought I would ever get pregnant, and he's not exactely Mr. Chatty, but he said with closer monitoring of the egg's growth, we should have better results.

Better news in the paper this morning, the first group of parents is flying to China to get their babies since the borders were closed because of SARS in late April. So if we get our butts in gear and finish our paperwork, our file could finally move along.

OK, now the fun stuff:

TAR4 Let me first state that I hate non-elimination legs, and I especially dislike that they kept them for this late in the game. Now, how uncomfortable did Chuck look after Chip/Reichen made their big revelation??? Man oh man! That boy is so gay, it's not even funny! He's using the whole religion/virgin thing to bury his deep longing to be with another man (OK, maybe I read too much into that facial expression, but come one, he wanted to die!)

The leg in general was pretty good, I was shocked that Chipsters didn't end up losing any ground by their mistake at the airport. Watching Chuck trying to hit those targets was excruciating!

Tonight, I've got tickets to our famous international Comedy Festival: The Just for Laughs. Every night, they have these galas, with a big headliner hosting and a series of lesser knows as the stand-ups. Tonight, Kelly Ripa is the host. I don't even know who the comedians are, I got tickets just because of her... I must admit, I love her. To me, she is an absolute riot. So self-deprecating and down to earth, I love to hear about her life (as opposed to her predecessor, who made me run from the room!). I searched high and low on the net for some sort of connection to get in touch with her, to invite her to visit my store while she's in town. I know she likes Montreal, she's mentioned it on the show after her last visit, but being a "Star" she's been taken around one particular part of town (around "the Main" St-laurent) with lots of chi-chi boutiques and trendy bars. I want her to discover my store! We're less trendy, but very cute, and her kids would love my store! She and I could strike up a conversation, I wouldn't stalk her or anything, I just think we could have a laugh.... Now if I were Kelly Ripa, what would I be doing this weekend.... How can I find her.... (Just kidding! I'm so lazy, I won't leave the house all weekend and therefor have very little chance of running into her!)

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doggy memories

2003-07-17 - 9:53 a.m.

My Canadian Idol reviews seem to be attracting a bit of attention through Google searches.... Now I know what all the great bloggers to the south felt like during AI!

I've been catching up on the the 3 years of scrapbooking, and yesterday, I made a page of the day Mortimer came home to us. He was such an odd looking dog when he was little. His ears were way too large for his body, he had that unsure puppy walk... It's funny how a cuople of pictures can take you back. I started remembering his first days with us. We tried to crate-train him. He was 4 months and had lived with someone else for a little while before being abandoned at the shelter. So we put his crate in the basement and tried to get him to sleep there. He used to cry and bark for a long time when we put him in there. At first, we tried to ignore it, but it was so hard. So I put a blanket down on the cold cement floor next to the crate and tried to sooth him to sleep! How nutty was that! I remember doing that for about a week! And of course, the minute he fell asleep and I tried to leave the room, he would bark again!

Finally, one night after walking home from a very late Shabbat dinner, we just couldn't stand hearing the little yelping, we brought him upstairs to our room "just for one night". He nver slept outside our room again! Now that's training!

Caught BB4 last night.... bye bye Amanda! That was weird, she was pretty much naked for her exit (the camera man wa having a hard time finding a frame that didn't show her cleavage or her butt), and she was all giddy about who had come to meet her... it's been 10 days! Come on, haven't you ever gone on vacation??? And how excited do you think her dad was, to pick her up after she had sex on tv with a guy she barely knew. Hi honey! I'm so proud....????

I must admit, when I first saw the link for this web site, I totally fell for it and was outraged. Turns out it's a fake site... Thank G-d! (but snaps to the designers, it's a good site!)

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so-called REALITY tv

2003-07-16 - 10:04 a.m.

My new sewing/craft room ROCKS! I spent a little while in there last night, the organization is sooooo good! I even spent my Today Show morning hour of nothingness (something I do every morning), scrapbooking in there this morning, WHILE watching the choices of Seneca's dress on the Today Show.... Oh cool is that?

Last year, I did lots of scrapbooking following our wedding: one album of wedding candid shots, one album for the honeymoon, one album with all the invitation and reply cards.... But while going through all the photo envelopes in the house yesterday, I realised, most of 2001 never got done! So now I'm trying to catch up, and it's very interesting. Sometimes, I look at the pictures and have absolutely no clue what/when/where they are! OThers bring back tons of memories, like the first pictures of the dog coming home. His ears were so disproportionatly large for his body when he was little, it's too cute for words!

OK, now I must rant about TV.... First of all, if anyone still calls it "Reality" TV, I hope you caught BB4 last night, because it proved once and for all there is nothing real about it at all. The reality is, Scott had amajor breakdown, told everyone hed ad V.D. and was kicked out after most of the people in the house had hysterical reactions and were bleaching the toilet to avoid catching anything. What did CBS show us? They waited til the last 10 minutes, showed us his chair-throwing tantrum, edited his apology to completely OMIT the whole V.D. thing, didn't show ONE SECOND of the hamster's outrageous reactions and made it look like they thought he should go because being locked up in the house with his ex was too much for him to handle...... What a crock! If it wasn't for live feeds, no one would have been the wiser. I think I'll stick to live-feed recaps (I'm too cheap to pay for my own feed) and forget the broadcasts all together.

Canadian Idol: Canda Rocks! Both Richie Wilcox and Jennie Gear made it in. They are weird, artistic, not at all Idol-material (if you think of Simon's definition of Idol), but they made it in! I did feel bad for Joni Rodney, she gave an awsome performance and certainly should have gotten in over Jennie, but she still has a chance with the wild-card. Tyler, well, Tyler is actually a great singer, and his looks, well, Tiger Beat, here he comes! Again, I urge all of you US residents who live within short distance of the Canadian border and can get a CTV feed on your TV to watch CI. There is a lot more individuality compared to AI, and while Zach is no Simon, the judges are pretty good too. If we could only replace Mulroney.....

One more TV show: Last Comic Standing. I'm not too much into the premise of the show, but I like comedy, so I enjoy the second half-hour. I liked Dave and I'm sorry to see him go, but man, I was totally rooting for Dat last night! First of all, his pitch last week (Pick a Color) was absolutely priceless and I wouldn't be surprised to see it pop up in tv-land next year, even if he doesn't win. But the way they've been treating him.... Awful! The hide-and-seek episode, while funny on some level, was truly mean-spirited. And the general gangin-up on him this week was unbeleivable. 'Caused he's organised and somewhat scientific about his sets? Not one of those other comics is original. The "Don" is nothing but an Andrew Dice Clay wanna-be, Cory is a bad Jenny Jones, and Ralphie, what can I say, Ralphie, look in the mirror, you are WHITE! Black gettho humor is meant for Black comedians! (And Ralphie, you will die, you need to stop eating).

I think Tess is the funniest person in there, but I'm still rooting for Dat, just 'cause I hate all the others so much! PS: My dear hubby has mentioned a few times that he'd like to take me to Israel, but I've just been to scared. I'd love to go, but I just KNOW I'd end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. They I read Ru-Paul's travel notes on his recent trip and started thinking: If a 6'2" drag queen can do it, why can't I? Honestly, follow the link, it's too funny. Just picture him in full drag in a Tel Aviv market next to a gaggle of Hasidic men and your smile will last all day!

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you're still a woman

2003-07-15 - 9:56 a.m.

I decided to make an appointment to speak to someone about all the recent happenings in my life. I don't think I'm going nuts or anythign, but it's been a rough ride and I think it would be good to get some of that stuff out. I'm going for the 1st time on Thursday.

So not onlly do I have have to deal with the emotions attached to a failed in-vitor attempt, turns out the physical symptoms are pretty harsh too. I've got my period, which is normal and to be expected, except there is nothing normal about it. The cramps are wicked, I'm very weak and dizzy and generally feel like shit. They warned me it would be a bit worse than usual, and after the first attempt I did have worse cramps than normal, but this is pretty harsh. yeah! You're not pregnant, maybe you'll never be, but here, you're still a woman! this sucks!

Canadian Idol was on last night. All in all, this second group was pretty disappointing. Some of the people should not have made it this far. I did vote for Tyler Hamilton, who reminds me of a young Rock Voisine (totally dating myself there!) and Joni Rodney, who simply rocked. I did also vote for Richie Wilcox, who may or may not get ahead but has not hope of winning it all. Except there is something about him that just made me want to vote for him. As JEnny Gear.... what can I say. That girl is too weird for words. I loved her first audition and did vote for her last night even though she was awful. Except she wasn't. She sung LEnoard Cohen, which has no melody what so ever, so if you can appreciate artistry, she was awsome. She won't make it, I'm not kidding myself, but I didn't want her to come in last. (for those of you with no acess to Canadian Idol, I apologize if this is boring you to death. Thing is, I didn't get to vote on AI, so this is my revenge for all the blogs I had to read about voting for Clay and Reuben!)

I have a lot of work to do at the store: some accoutning, putting out new frames, general cleaning.... Except here am I, totally procrastinating. I gotta get my butt in gear and get stuff done. In reality, I will wander over and start reading my daily blogs.....

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getting through it

2003-07-14 - 10:29 a.m.

THANK YOU! I've gotten so many lovely notes since Friday's bummer post. Thank you very much. it really helps to know so many people are thinking about us.

The weekend was pretty rough. I was totally bummed out, so was hubby. Mortimer could totally feel the mood, because he was very well behaved and even let me brush him for over 30 minutes, which he never does without a fight!

We stayed home and just vegged. We didn't talk about it much, it was too hard. We did go out for dinner Saturday night with b-friend IH and her husband-to-be, who were kind enough to ignore the large elephant int he room and kept us entertained with stories about their lives so we didn't have to talk about "IT". Thanks IH!

Sunday, I took on a big project. I'm very lucky to have a sewing/craft room in the house. It's not a room that has a dual purpose (like laundry room or spare bedroom), it's just my work room. And it has windows on 3 walls, nice big windows that let in lots of natural light. Except it causes one big headache: 3 window walls = no walls for anytime of storage! Since we moved into the house 2 years ago, I've re-done the room 3 times. First, I did the decor (funky Zen) and used all old furniture. That didn't work. So then i bought what I thought was good storage and re-arranged everything (kept the decor, that works). Then 6 months ago, I got really fed up and moved everything around again. Still not working. Basically, the storage cabinets I bought were very cute and zen-like, but they were totally useless as storage for fabric and scrap-booking, and, they only fit on the one wall, not under the windows, so I couldn't move them around.

So Sunday morning, dear hubby, bless his heart, helped me empty the room and we took aout the desk and storage cabinets. I replaced them with a counter and some wall mounted shelves, invested in some kitchen storage bars from IKEA and Voila! I think this time, we got it right!

OF course, this isn't like Trading Spaces. Emptying and loading the room takes more than 3 minutes! But I was sitting in there last night, looking around, and I think I would have made Vern proud!

Speaking of Vern, I loved Hildi's room on Saturday! It's not often that I like a Hildi room over a Frank room, but Frank's room had fishing nets hanging as valences. What can you say about that?!?!? Hildi's room: WOW! I would have loved that room! And TS Family was pretty good to. Gen's room was stunning. Edward's, I don't think so! Didn't like anything about it except the dark beams. I think this episode also prved the Family concept can work, as long as the kids are older than 12.

Last tv comment: loving Pros and Con, hope it doesn't mean they've given up on Faking It. I do think the show wouldn't be as good if the people picked the pro. How boring would it be to watch someone do what they are good at?

I realised if some weird satellite break-down occured and I lost TLC, I would be doomed. Except for TAR, all my favorite shows are on TLC. TLC,you Rock!

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