2003-06-20 - 12:24 p.m.

4.2% click-through on my banner! Yeah! Hopefully, we'll get a few regulars out of it....

LastNight's TAR4 episode was... Amazing! Chip and Reichen... boy oh boy do I hate them.... And Kelly needs a major prozac drip! Still loving Mille and Chuck, but the NFL wives are gaining momemtum...

Last night, the dog was getting on my nerves a little. He had energy to burn and I felt exausted, so I took him in the yard. The fence is great! He can run, chase the ball, go nuts, and he can't get out! This is so relaxing. I laid in the hammac for a good 20 minutes, just resting, while he was running around. I never had to worry that he would run into the street or scare the kids next door. The kids like it too, 'cause they know he's a nice dog, but he scares them when he barks. So now they can come up to the fence and know that he can't come too close to them. The fence was a bitch and a half. Fighting with the back neighbours, finding a good price. But last night, jsut relaxing in the hammac, it made it all worth while.

You know how they say be careful what you wish for.... We've had our store for 2 years now. In those 2 years, the merchant's association on our street as done crap-all to organize the merchants and make the street pretty. The lady that ran it always only cared about her store and never did anything for anyone else. So this spring, when we were trying to get the sidewalk sale going, I complained, a little too loudly, about how badly she was doing the job. Well, we had a merchants meeting on Wednesday and after I made my feelings known, the other merchants elected me to take over! They weren't trying to punish me or anything, they actually have lots of confidence in me and think I can do a good job. So I said yes. I couldn't exactely be a hypocrite who complains but isn't willing to step uo. Except now, I wonder what I've gotten myself into.

I did jump in feet first and write a nice memo outlining the meeting's decision, which we will distribute to everyone later today. And I even wrote a thank you letter to the past president, even though she called me "sweetheart" very condisendingly and left the meeting after 10 minutes. I'm trying to be pro-active. let's see how long it lasts....

Friday funny: enjoy: periodical table

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warning: banners ahead

2003-06-19 - 4:52 p.m.

Warning: I'm using a banner.... we might reach 10 regular readers.... you've been warned!

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she emptied the treat jar!

2003-06-19 - 3:02 p.m.

You know you've had too many vaginal ultra-sounds when you start getting used to them.... I had another one this morning, everything seems to be fine, except that egg they tought was ready a few days ago might turn out to be a cyst they somehow missed the 50 other times I had this exam done.... go figure!

I have another one scheduled on Saturday morning, and then we'll decide when the retrieval will take place. Should be early in the week, either Monday or Tuesday.

TV absolutely totally sucked last night. There was NOTHING on. Fame and that baby Idol show do nothing for me, and I honestly could not bare to even spend one second on Paradise Hotel. So I watched a couple things I had Tivo'd and went to bed early. My husband suggested going to a movie, but I couldn't even entertain the tought of leaving the house and having to sit up for 2 hours. I was too achy and grumpy, thanks to the hormones.

Annoying customer story It's been a while since I've brought you tales of annoying customers, but I had a good one today. This elderly woman with a cane walked in just as I took over for my husband. She can't hear very well, so anytime she asks a question, I have to get up and go speak directely in front of her. She was telling me her whole story, how her niece is visiting from out west with her kids, etc etc. She was looking for a little gift for the 2 kids, a boy and a girl, 8 and 14. I made all kinds of suggestions. Everything was too expensive. She wanted to spend about 5 dollars, for both. Together. This is not her first time in our store, she knows we don't have cheap gifts. I mean, we have a nice selection, you can really find a good gift under 20$, even cute things for 5$ a piece, but 2 gifts for 5$ including tax, sorry, wrong store.

The part that kills me is that she kept going on and on about how she knows I don't sell cheap stuff. And she kept asking me the price of everything, because she didn't have her glasses. So rather than go over ever single thing in the store, I asked her what her budget was and made suggestions. I told her clearly the cheapest things I had for kids for 5$ bubble bath or 8$ bookmarks. She then went on for over 15 minutes about the price of bookmarks and how she's had the same 1$ bookmark for the last 20 years.....

This is the best part of the story. Finally, she got 2 5$ bubble bath and was pretty pissed that it came to 11.50 with tax. More than twice what she wanted to spend. On the counter, we have an old fashion candy jar filled with dog treats, which we give to Mortimer when he behaves, and to dog who come to shop with their owners. She asked me how much the treats were. I told her I didn't charge for them, and explained that I gave them when dogs visited. She proceed to grab a HUGE handful and stick it in the bag, while telling me she doesn't have a dog, but the kids do so they can give it to their dog when their mother (her niece) goes back home. At first I said nothing, figuring anything to get her out of the store, but then, she grabbed more! She was set on emptying the jar in her bag! I told her politely that the treats were meant for the visiting dogs, and that alhtough I give them out free, they cost me money, could she please stop taking so many. She got really snappy, told me she had just spend 11.50$ and she could have as many as she wanted. Finally, I moved the jar away. Well. That pissed her off. But not enough, because then she asked for help to go back up the stairs. Normally, I would have been more than happy to help her, but there were several people in the store, including a person waiting patiently to pay. And let's face it. I was less than enthused about helping her after she emptied out the treat jar. So she left, pissed off.

I know I'm hormonal and have to be extra nice to people, but she was really pushing it.....

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the smell of a newborn goes a long way

2003-06-18 - 3:01 p.m.

I just held a month-old baby in my arms for half an hour.... I feel very motherly right now and somehow, it might help with the crazy IVF cycle...

I didn't just randomnly hold a baby, he's my friend KL's baby. She runs the doggy daycare were Mortimer goes, and over the last year, we became friends. As a matter of fact, she announced her pregnancy at a party at my house... He baby boy is the most precious little thing you've ever seen, and today was one of their first outings on their own, so they came to our store! Hubby J did hold him for a little bit, but he looked ackward and she looked uncomfortable, so I took over again. Ummm, the smell of a newborn....

It's day 2 of the Orgalutran and I don't feel quite as bad today. I had to sleep most of the day yesterday and didn't really get off the couch all night, but today, I feel human again and I can sit up and keep my eyes open! Yeah!

TV Talk There are so few shows to talk about. I like "Last Comic Standing", but I didn't think the finalists were the right 10. I am pretty excited about the return of Oprah's bookclub, and I LOOOVE the book she picked: Steibeck's been a favorite of mine since I read Of Mice and Men in high school. Cannery Row was my favorite back them, but I'll dig around for my copy of East of Eden and reread it this summer.

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no surge

2003-06-17 - 12:31 p.m.

the nurse just called. No surge in estrogen. I didn't ovulate. We can keep going.... I don't think I can take stress like that. My hubby is coming to replace me at the store because I need a nap. It's 12:30 and I can't keep my eyes open. Also, I feel like total Crap with a capital C.

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baby blues

2003-06-17 - 10:40 a.m.

Remember a few days back, when I said I just didn't feel pregnancy in my bones. Turns out I was right. I had an ultra-sound this morning, on day 6 of the protocole, to see how my follicules were growing and possibly adjust the drugs. Except one follicule is dangerously large. So large in fact, that they had me run to the pharmacy to take a shot of Orgalutran to try to stop ovulation. Except I might have ovulated already. We took a blood test and will find out later today if we can continue this cycle or scrap the whole thing 'cause I already ovulated.

The ironic and really annoying part is that my ultra-sound was originally scheduled for yesterday, but the head fertility specialist had it moved to today, thinking it was too early to measure properly. If I had gone in yesterday, they would have seen how large it was getting and could have started the orgalutran yesterday.

There is still a chance that I didn't ovulate and that we will be able to continue the cycle, but I have a bad feeling.... I just don't feel it in my bones.

Happy thoughts

I gotta make sure this doesn't end up totally depressing. My Best Friend K is now 4 weeks pregnant. She had an ultrasound yesterday and heard the heartbeat. She is beyond excited, and I am so excited for her!

I've been reading Ultra Tart's blog for a while now. She's one funny gal. But her latest drunken escapades make me long for my careless days as a bonified bar-fly. I became friends with a girl in the bathroom of Cheers when she was too drunk to do up her pants. I walked over to her, to her not to freak out that I wasn't making a pass or anything, and did up her zipper. We were friends for 5 years and hung out 3 to 4 times a week. Eventually, we stopped drinking and found that we didn't really have much in common outiside of doing shots and hitting on guys. Man, the stories I could tell.....

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