Figlet - 2005-03-13 14:05:30 sounds really run! I think you should go to Nova Scotia. I'd tell you to bring your Airstream down to Brooklyn, but I'm not sure where you'd park it.
Caro - 2005-03-14 03:05:05
Hey, everybody RVs in Holland, even cool people. All the beaches are lined up with the monsters and they take the dogs, the kids, the bikes, the surf kites and everything along with them. You can't drive through Holland in summer without being surrounded with those things. Maybe you should RV in Europe! ;-)
Figlet - 2005-03-14 10:23:44
Hey! That should have said "Fun" not "run".
cagey - 2005-03-14 10:44:58
While I have always thought it would be fun to "RV" across the US, I have never thought it would be a hip, cool thing to do. Sometimes "fun" isn't "fashioniable". hee, hee
Amy - 2005-03-14 13:30:28
My husband wants to buy a vintage airstream. I was contemplating it until I went online and saw pictures of the vintage bathrooms contained in the vintage airstreams. But my main argument against is and has always been that the majority of RVers are about 40 years older than us, and a lot less fun. Now if he mentions RVing in New Zealand, I'm there.
Shelba - 2005-03-14 20:59:51
It would be fun if you could get a group of people to caravan with you, but I see your point about being wary of the RV set.
Carol - 2005-03-15 14:16:34
I love to camp, but I don't care for RV parks. Not enough trees, too many 70 year olds in socks and sandals. ;) We have a tent trailer and tend to stick to National and Provincial parks, they are much prettier and more diverse, people-wise. Ick to the "chinese girl" comments. Our daughter is from the Caribbean, and we get comments like, "my niece/neighbour/second cousin adopted a black child and it turned out just fine!". Um... thanks, I think?
Louise - 2005-03-15 22:44:45
Airstreams are hip. Especially if they are shiny. Take one to PEI and stay on the beach. Find a dog-friendly park that has tent and RV facilities so you don't have to worry about hanging out with the RVers AND you can have your dogs.

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