Amber - 2005-03-08 13:01:55
Oh, it is ok to use my name. When I changed the blog name to American Family, I decided it was too hard to type that when I need to comment. So I am out of the closet. I keep M in the closet, but she likes to play in there, so I don't feel too bad.
it's swoop - 2005-03-08 22:22:03
I have to admit I didn't drink as much before having a baby. Tootie isn't interested in the Sonya Lee doll. I've showed it to her while shopping and she says "no! Mommy." as she grabs the Maggie doll with glasses and curly hair. That's the one she wants. The Irish one.
reese dixon - 2005-03-08 23:05:03
Hey stranger, remember me? Life went nuts there for quite some time and I'm now in Modesto, CA. Bear left law school and now works in hospital administration, and I'm just now back to blogging. But that's what happens when your life completely upends. I'm so happy to find you again and to see your precious girl home with you!
mimi smartypants - 2005-03-09 10:04:38
It does seem taboo to talk about the boredom. I seem to have an amazing ability to "phone it in," when we're playing the same game or reading the same book eight million times. Mommy SOUNDS happy and interested in you, but she's really a million miles away! *disclaimer: of course I spend the majority of my time totally engaged with my child and giving her 100% of my attention, blah blah blah hold your hate mail.
Rachel - 2005-03-09 12:36:42
Thanks for referring me to the other entry. I completely agree that there is such a taboo about telling the truth about motherhood. Another dland lady refered me to a book ("I'm Okay, You're a Brat") when I was debating the children thing. Not that it led me to decide it, but I really feel like everyone thinking of having a baby should read that book cuz I think the majority of people having kids have NO IDEA what they are getting into. You didn't know about the boredom, but overall, I think you were pretty prepared (probably in large part cuz you had to go through so much to have a baby). But most women? I think they have babies cuz that is the thing to do without really understand the effect it will have on their lives.
Amy - 2005-03-09 17:38:40
Oh yes, the boredom. Now that we are approaching the end of winter it is really getting to me. Last week I tried to stir things up by dragging out some books that I had bought while pregnant but never read. Games to Play with your Kids, etc. Everything seemed overly complicated, and the one game I tried with E. made him so frustrated he cried. So I took all of the cushions off all of the seats in the whole house and made a path around the living room. I'm only original when I think I will just keel over from the monotony.

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