Rachel - 2005-03-02 23:31:25
I agree this TAR looks pretty good. I'm so happy it is going to be much less couply and disappointed that the all-women team look irritating. Go Rob and Amber!
cagey - 2005-03-03 13:40:20
I wholeheartedly agree that far too many contestants don't take the time to get some basic vocabulary skills in other languages. Holaaa?? You'd think they would get a clue that, well, um, they might be traveling to OTHER countries. If I were embarking on such a race, I would bone up on my Spanish and Hindi, then try to get some basic French and Chinese in. I wonder what the time frame is between knowing you've been accepted for the race and actually leaving for the race? Overall, language issues aside, I was shocked at the stupidity of the other teams - particularly with sheep mentality regarding the digging - I couldn't believe that no one was going to the other piles to double check! The old couple are NOT long for the game, that's for sure. Also, I don't remember who said it, but someone commented "I saw Survivor and that Rob is as dumb as a rock". Um, did that guy really see Survivor? Did he see the same one the rest of the world did? That guy is in for a surprise! I can't wait til it is "revealed" that Rob is not some bonehead. hee, hee One last thing - everytime Rob said "well, we've already won a million", I sniggered - sounds like he's worked it all out in his head that HE won that million. ha ha. That said, what a great episode - I could even distinguish (for the most part) all the teams apart from each other! A BIG improvement from last season.

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