Shelba - 2005-02-14 11:46:16
I've seen this show, and you're right it is hard not to watch. They are insane. It seems like they are always drunk, but maybe I'm wrong about this. Maybe they are just loopy. And I just saw the View...Foofy Foofy and Brigitte. Strange, strange couple.
Rachel - 2005-02-14 20:07:14
I haven't watched Strange Love, but I saw the origins of it...Surreal Life...have you seen that? Anyway, that's how they met and it was really weird watching that relationship develop. Flava Flav is a rapper from Public Enemy? or something like that.
Lisa - 2005-02-15 14:12:44
Flavor Flav is a raper fromthe late 80's early 90's and him and bridgett met on a VH1 show called the surreal life. It was where they take has been stars (ie jordan form new kids on the block, Mini Me form austin powers, erik estrada from chips, Chiro, Chyna from WWF wrestling, some bay watch star, Peter Brady) and they maake them live in a house al la Real world from MTV. Very odd show!
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