kim - 2005-02-10 14:59:30
Our foster daughter loved the Wiggles. It got her moving and dancing ! And she loved the same Chicken dance!
magicpointeshoe - 2005-02-10 18:24:31
The Wiggles are coming to Canada on tour late April to Early May. No idea if it's near you or not.
Figlet - 2005-02-10 23:40:18
Ummmmm....I'm thinking I have about six months before I need to get to know The Wiggles. So I can't help you on that. BUT...I had to pop on tonight and let you know that I just got Vanity Fair in the mail and there's a big Gap ad inside and they've TOTALLY stolen your tag. The theme of the spring collection is "Enjoy Being a Girl." Come on. You trademarked that, right?!!! Ok. I'll let you get back to your hunt for the Quack Quack song.
mortimer's mom - 2005-02-11 11:37:31
wiggles live..... shudder! thankfully, it's on the west coast, so I don't even have to make the decision not to go. As for my tag line, I stole it too! It's a song from the not-well-known musical Flower Drum Song
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