cagey - 2005-02-09 09:42:30
NICE recap. Not much I can add other than how DISGUSTED I am that Kendra won. Freddy, I don't care, but that Kendra with her snippy little asides about poor people breeding (gasp!). Damn. I am getting mad again just thinking about it. Now, who was Kris and Jon again? Were they in the race? Ah, yes, they were the Milquetoast couple.
Rachel - 2005-02-09 11:41:16
I was glad to see Jon didn't propose too. I must say that Freddy and Kendra grew on me. I mean, they (and especially she) are dumb as posts, but I think all her offensive comments were really just complete ignorance. They also grew on me cuz who were my other options??? You going to watch Jon/Vic on the Dr. Phil special next week? My DVR is all set up for it.

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