Figlet - 2005-01-28 12:02:17
My issue with Uggs dates back some 20 years now, when I went to university in Montreal. Every fall as I headed off to school, my mother did her very best to convince me to purchase a puffy down coat and warm boots that resembled Uggs. And I just couldn't do it because Montreal was so chic, even if it was so darn cold in January. And many other months to boot. And I used to say "I will be cold before I will be ugly." So fast forward twenty years and I can now actually see the appeal of Uggs and puffy down coats, but my inner nerd still fears being mistaken for a girl who goes off to college dressed sensibly by her mother. Even if half of hipster Manhattan wears them, I still can't do it. More power to you!
falimako - 2005-01-28 17:04:46
I can't bring myself to wear them because here in Australia, they ARE slippers. Sure, people are wearing them as normal shoes here as well, but they definitly started as slippers.

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