Barbara - 2005-01-21 16:08:17
G-d, I hate franchises. We had two bookstores in the town I live in, a second-hand book store and a small independent bookseller. Three years ago a big franchise bookstore moves in. After a year or so, the independent book stores have closed, as they can't compete. Then the franchise bookseller decides to move to a new and bigger location twenty minutes away in another town. So now we have no bookstore. Several years ago, I bought all my pet supplies for our various pets at the local pet store. They were delightful people, and also did grooming, so my dog went there for an occasional bath. Then a mega franchise pet store moved accross the street. The little pet shop was driven out of business within six months. Then the franchise store decides that they aren't making a big enough profit and they close. I now have to drive 25 minutes away for quality pet food and other supplies.
Cagey - 2005-01-21 21:59:21
Hang in there. That sucks. I won't even start my tirade about franchises, the lack of individuality, etc. Won't start.
Karen - 2005-01-23 08:41:44
Just a warning for you, my dearie--Anthropologie and JCrew have NOTHING in their stores right now. It's all super spring stuff or NOTHING. I've been there like eight times in the past few weeks. So buy what you want, woman. Let us know what you got, because I'm obsessed with Anthro.

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