Jennye - 2004-12-22 23:21:21
Well, when DS was about that age it wasn't so bad (unless you count the load of laundry every other day for cloth diapers back then) But as he gets older, the laundry pile grows more. I generally could do a load a day, but stick to about 3 loads twice a week. That includes linens, our clothes, his clothes, etc. I'm going to guess that will jump to 8-9 loads per week when the baby comes because of diapers. The hard part is carting them up and down the stairs. Yuck.
Amber - 2004-12-23 00:18:40
I would guess that the people with tons of laundry are of the "new towel and new wash cloth each day" variety. If you have 2 kids and 2 adults showering each day, that is almost a full load (unless you have a Duet washer and drier of course). Now at our house the standards are low. We are of the one towel each week variety. I mean, when you get out of the shower, you're CLEAN, right? So how dirty can you really get the towel? I use the towel to mop the dripping water off my body, not to scour the crevices I might have missed in the shower. My sister is of the two towel per day variety. One for her body and one for her hair. Apparently, the hair towel is so defouled by her just-washed hair it can NOT be used to dry her body the next day. She does TONS of laundry.
Cagey - 2004-12-23 10:59:00
I have finally picked myself off the floor from laughing so hard - I am even breathing normally now. The comment "I use the towel to mop the dripping water off my body, not to scour the crevices I might have missed in the shower" is one of the funniest dam things I have read in awhile (with the added bonus of being slightly gross). Second, I think one reason why people complain about laundry is the lack of a schedule. If you don't have a specific laundry day (or two, if need be), you surely will be doing laundry ALL the time because Guess What? You are dirtying clothes EVERY day, therefore every time you turn around, there WILL be laundry to wash. I have had a Laundry Day for years and it helps keep me sane (or at least the OCD at bay LOL). Finally, I do have a body towel and hair towel, but it's due to the fact that my hair is so dam thick, it takes forever to dry and thus, warrants its own special microfiber towel. However, linens only get washed once a week. Gasp!
Laurie - 2004-12-23 20:14:47
Well this is just insane. There are five people living in my house, including a toddler, two school-aged BOYS (filthy, the both of them), and a grown man who does farm chores daily. Not only that, but we live in the country where pavement is a rarity, so mud and dirt are a constant. And yet, even with all this, I STILL only do laundry twice a week, one day for all the kids (4 loads) and one day for myself and the man (5 loads including delicates.) I might also do the extra odd load of towels mid-week. My point? There's no real reason to do multiple loads per day....unless you are really insane about cleanliness.

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