Cagey - 2004-12-22 10:25:09
VCR - When we had to re-configure our devices after moving into a new house a few months ago, I, too, dispensed with the VCR. STILL haven't used it one single time so it was a good decision. I also have the audio/video inputs in the front of the TV, so I figure I can rig it there in a pinch if need be. TAR - I agree the To Be Continued was annoying, but there's a history of tasks making the cutting room floor in past seasons(i.e. we never see them). It makes you wonder if something interesting happened that made it worth putting the entire leg in 2 different episodes. or maybe I'm just a sucker for marketing ......... Probably the latter. Dirty Balls - tee hee. I couldn't help but snigger along with her on that one! She cracked me up with her giggling at herself
Amber - 2004-12-22 13:49:09
I think part of your problem may be that you are installing your TV into a radiator grate. That just won't work. I hope the book that crazy guy of TAR. Did you see the bruises on Veronica's arms? Looked like fingerprints to me. What an abusive jerk.

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