Marla - 2004-11-26 11:37:34
I love Thanksgiving, so no moving for me! I have heard you talk about TAR, so I watched it for the first time. It was great fun! It was so sad to see the NY girls get booted. Her friend was so sweet to her friend the entire time she couldn't get the clutch to pop.
gussiegoose - 2004-11-26 15:08:25
I'm coveting your sweaters. You probably like too and of course Susan
mortimer's Mom - 2004-11-26 22:00:25
oh no! what have you done! I hadn't heard of Boden..... and you're right, I love it! I am of course an avid Anthropology shopper, though only when we make it to a big city in the States (last time was San Fran in february) because their shipping costs to Canada are just unbelievable. But I still check the web site on a regular basis and try to copy their ideas when I get my hands on plain Old Navy Cardigans.... I can do a lot with ribbons!

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