mimi smartypants - 2004-11-23 09:19:47
I'm sorry to hear that, and I know how horrible that tension can be. I think you are very brave to post about it...anonymous or not, it's hard sometimes to get out the real stuff on a public forum. Remember that the eighty bajillion good times you have with the Dumpling will always outweigh the little bad moments. Don't guilt yourself to death about the fighting-in-front-of-her thing. She loves you no matter what, and she knows you both love her too.
Shelba - 2004-11-23 09:40:06
I'm sorry you are hurting, Virginia. Listen to Mimi on everything she said. No guilt, girl, no guilt. Hopefully, the two of you will clear the air today. Ugghh, I hate that kind of tension, so uncomfortable. I'll be thinking about you.
Anyabeth - 2004-11-23 11:11:36
I am so sorry that this is happening. Don't worry about fighting in front of the Dumpling. Your intentions are good and that counts more than anything. Its obvious that you are trying to be the best mother you can and I am sure she knows that you love her.
Carrie - 2004-11-23 14:25:10
I'm so sorry you are going thru this dear. Fights/arguments always affect me deeply and I know how bad that tension can be. I hope it all works out for you.
Amber - 2004-11-23 20:44:17
I just want to chime in to say, I agree with Mimi 100%. We can't all be perfect parents all of the time. Sometimes mamas and daddies have to live our lives too, even if it results in unfortunate timing for our small folk. I hope you and your husband work things out in a way that will make you both happy.
jen - 2004-11-24 15:39:24
Oh, hon. I've been there, and so I just want to offer you tea and sympathy and the hope that you guys will work it out.
Sarah - 2004-11-28 00:39:13
I don't think fighting in front of your children is such a bad thing, because it teaches them that it is ok to disagree with people you love. It shows them that you can fight with someone, and still love each other. My husbands parents never, ever fought in front of him and his sister, and when he was 17 they got a divorce. For my husband and his sister, it was a complete shock, because they never had any idea that thier parents EVER disagreed.

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