Jennye - 2004-11-16 19:46:21
Have you considered teething, specifically molars? They can turn an otherwise angelic child into a banshee. Try giving her something for pain and see if it helps at all, because trying to see if a willful, angry or touch sensitive toddler is bringing teeth into the back of their mouth is an exercise in true danger. Just a thought.
falimako - 2004-11-17 01:22:42
My son went through something like this a few months ago (although he was about 2 1/2 at the time) and it turned out he had an ear infection. Might be worth checking it out. I hope your baby is feeling better soon. And I have always thought that the boohbahs heads look a bit, um, rude if you know what I mean?
jen - 2004-11-17 09:11:05
I recently saw the Boohbahs for the first time when my nephew was visiting, and I definitely think they are giant penisheads. Giant, sparkly, penisheads. They scare me.
virginia - 2004-11-17 09:19:38
well well, so I'm not the only one who tought their heads were a little fallic... I didn't mention it in my *recap* for fear that I had been looking a little too closely and was the only one who saw the resemblance....

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