Marla - 2004-09-10 10:48:12
Scary Spice--good one. Last night's show was great. They have some really good people this time. I agree, Joey was okay. If it is on the same time as Survivor-- forget it.
jen - 2004-09-10 10:57:23
Yup, they definitely cast for The Crazy this year. Tube tops! Walking sticks! Magic 8 Balls! And how does a CHEETAH with FLIPPERS qualify as a crustacean anyway? Bah. Do they not remember being kids AT ALL? And making fun of the focus group kids in front of toy company execs? Yeah, real smart. I want to be Carolyn when I grow up. She totally rules. AND she's a mom!
kelli - 2004-09-10 16:36:57
The premiere was basically what I expected. Introduce the apprentices, show Donald�s hair flapping around, get a glimpse of Melania�s flashy smile (and chest), blind us with his apartment AGAIN, and then perform some cheesy task for one of the many corporations clamoring to get on the show now that it�s a hit. I loved it! Can't you appreciate the fact they are working for a JOB, not just prize money (and yes, they will have to work. I read People and Bill Rancic is working his heiney off. He is! People said so.) The challenge was fun, too � how can you go wrong when kids with attitudes and regrettable haircuts are involved?? They did an excellent job casting the apprentices, as well. In this crowd, there are plenty of contenders for the top positions of Omarosa and Sam so I don�t think this season will disappoint.

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