Brooklyn Girl - 2004-08-24 09:12:56
I'm a little obsessed with Press 'n Seal myself. It's such a vast improvement over Saran Wrap!
Carrie - 2004-08-24 12:18:28
You're a good Mommy. I'm sure eveyone has those thoughts at times, it's what you do that counts. She is a lucky girl! I have much love for the Press 'n Seal myself. I make sugar-free jello and pour it into individual cups to take to work for lunches and it won't even let hot jello escape. (yes, I turned it upside down, too! Over the sink though, just in case.) Anything else that you come across that might make parenting a teeny bit easier, I would love to know!
Jennye - 2004-08-24 18:27:08
OK, you're crazy. Getting household help does not make you a bad mommy. It makes you a good one who uses the resources available to her to be able to have a tidy home and spend time with her precious child. For heavens sake, if getting household help would help, get it!!! I would if I had the extra $$. And as are seriously looking into getting a mother's helper to come a couple of hours once a week to help with Ezra while I get some things done around here.
Sierra Malnove - 2004-08-25 17:56:19
Get household help!!! I have someone come 2x per week to clean up after us (we're slobs and my husband doesn't expect me to clean up after him). I think it makes me a better mommy because then I have more time to spend with my little one, not worrying about clean floor, dishes, etc. And it gives me that time to blog. HaHa!
Amy - 2004-08-27 15:15:15
I hate foil because I have the unproven, paranoid fear that foil causes Alzheimers. (Didn't I read that somewhere? No, I'm just a pathetic hypochondriac.) But also the foil does react with food sometimes and leaves those nasty little dots. Which I hate. So perhaps I should investigate the Press N Seal. (And I agree. Go with the help.)

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