gussiegoose - 2004-07-28 23:48:23
I laughed out loud at the tax bracket comment. Thanks for mentioning this show or else I wouldn't have caught it. What network is The Amish show on? I haven't heard of that one either. TAR is getting nutty. The twins crack me up.
Monique - 2004-07-29 00:59:49
You hit it right on the head. That Mirna is creeeeeeepy. Is it me, or does Charla do EVERYTHING??? All Mirna seems to do is boss her (and everyone else) around. If it weren't for Charla, everytime they were on screen, I'd mute it.
Kate - 2004-07-29 09:26:12
The Amish in the City show was so good! I wanted to cry with Ruth when she first saw the ocean.
Short North Mama - 2004-07-29 13:16:36
What? A reality show about the Amish in the City? Where can I find this show? I must see it!
virginia - 2004-07-29 13:44:49
boy! The producers better pay me for promoting their show!!! Here's the 411 on Amish in the City: It's on UPC and yesterday's 2 hour premiere will be re-aired on Friday night. In Canada, if you don't get UPC, Global will be airing it on Sundays. Funny thing is, we didn't even know we had UPN on our Satellite dish, but I heard about the show (I read EVERYTHING about reality shows!!!) and did a search on teh satellite dish and lo and behold, I got it! Just a bit of clarification though: the Amish werent' just off the farm. They had all already begun their time of exploration. But still, most had never left their immediate surroundings, so it's still quite the experience for them.
gussiegoose - 2004-07-29 14:41:02
We had a Mennonite family in our travel group. She wore the traditional head covering. She and her daughter wore handmade plain dresses. He happened to be in a wheelchair. So, not only did they have the Mennonite stare factor going, they had his wheelchair to boot plus a Chinese daughter. They were such a cool family to hang around with. It was fun to see the Chinese marvel about his wheelchair.

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