kelli - 2004-07-14 11:56:16
re: TAR5 - I admit I enjoy a good human train wreck, so I was disappointed Donny and Alison got eliminated. I do like the bowling moms though! Regarding ALL the teams, I am tired of the confessionals going on and on about how "they are gonna win" and "the other teams underestimate us and that's our advantage". ZZZZZZ
Alison - 2004-07-15 05:14:57
I love TAR!!! Alisons behaviour bothered me in BB4 (what I heard about it, I stopped watching after a while), but she was a smart racer. Donny sucked at it. I think she, as you can say about half of so many teams elimanated early, should have been able to stay longer - she knew the taxi would be better, knew the tango would be better and generally knew her strenghts and weaknesses. I can't believe I'm defending her!! The Bowling moms are great and like you I hate the pizza brothers. I LOVE TAR!!
kelli - 2004-07-15 10:57:22
I agree with your perceptions about Alison - I didn't really watch BR4 and didn't know enough to be completely irritated by her. If Donny would have started listening to her, they could have gone much further. This season's set of teams DO NOT READ DIRECTIONS. Alison, from the get-go knew they needed to follow instructions exactly. I think we have many more snafus to look forward to because this season's group are a bunch of ding-dongs bumbling their way around the world! LOL

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