kelly - 2004-07-13 13:07:26
Heh too funny. I used to be a HUGE canadian music freak when I was in my mid-teens. We used to go to all of GT's shows, as well as Eye Eye ('member them?) The Spoons, Honeymoon Suite, Platinum BLonde, Gowan, Haywire -- goodness, the list goes on. We were such wannabe groupies LOL
m - 2004-07-13 13:10:38
I replied to your nice response on my site about GT... "Don't forget me when I'm gone / My heart would break / I have loved you for so long / It's all I can take..." I can still picture Alan Frew in a pink t-shirt in one of the band's videos... lol! I know, I should be committed. Thanks for the flashback. =)
JJ - 2004-07-15 13:38:29
My step father went to school with Alan Frew et al. They went to a BBQ once and they got the drummer's autograph for me. He misspelled my name and I spent a year trying to convince my mom to have it legally changed. Gowan came to my school once too. I miss the 80's.
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