Rachel - 2004-05-18 22:41:55
How do born Jews prove they are Jews? In any case, I'll look out for that rabbi...or he should look out for me! Muhahahahaa!
Jennye - 2004-05-19 00:14:52
Grrrrr. It isn't just the bet din there. So many bet dins do exactly the same thing and I think it is terrible.
virginia - 2004-05-19 08:31:22
Rachel, I don't actually NEED the paper, but since I have a french name and a chineese baby, I could see a Rabbi at a Chabad house wondering about my intentions. I guess it's more if G-d Forbid something went wrong, I got sick, etc, I would like some way of getting assistance from the jewish community.... It doesn't really make sense, but I just want my damn paper!
Julia - 2004-05-19 11:16:38
You want we should break his legs? Don't worry - we can add him to the list of medical practitioners who'll rue the day they crossed the line with a bunch of hormonally altered women. It's a long list, but we'll move him to the top.
Carrie - 2004-05-19 11:21:14
I will gladly volunteer for leg breaking duty. How frustrating for you! Good luck, and just let me know where I can find him!
Jodi - 2004-05-19 12:21:18
Camp out in front of his door and do not leave until you get it. He will get tired of stepping over you every time he walks outside.
jen - 2004-05-19 17:49:22
You know, I'd rush right up there and knock some sense into him, but I doubt he'd be impressed with a short blonde former Fundamentalist Christian. So sorry!

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