Carrie - 2004-05-12 11:39:28
Congratulations on the house! I so admire your attitude towards things and am trying to adopt that to be more positive as well. Good packing skills there, by the way! The ziploc bags were a great idea.
brooklynmama - 2004-05-12 22:10:07
Okay, so my favorite part of The Swan was when the scary doctor commented on the one contestant's asymmetrical breasts, saying something like, "This must have caused her a great deal of anxiety throughout her life. How wonderful that we can end all that now." Oh, the HORRORS of asymmetrical breasts. I myself have been nearly CRIPPLED with anxiety about it. Good god, talk about anxiety - look at their ruined post-op faces! Yikes. That's great about the house - you are speedy! Good luck with the packing - let me know if you'd like my list of the best and most useless things we took with us. :)

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