jen - 2004-05-07 10:18:44
Oh, hon, that TOTALLY sucks ... do you have someone else to take with you so you don't have to deal with all the bureaucracy and stuff alone? Your poor hubby...
virginia - 2004-05-07 11:41:34
my parents were always coming with us, since this is their first grandchild, but now I'm really glad we had made that decision because they will be my lifeline!
Michele - 2004-05-07 11:58:28
What a shame! Your poor husband, he has to be totally disappointed. Gosh, I know I would be really upset if I were in his shoes. And I'm sure you were looking forward to sharing the first time you meet your daughter with him. Thank goodness your parents will be there to support you. Gosh, that freakin' sucks!
Jenn - 2004-05-07 12:13:27
I can't believe it...that STINKS!
Jennye - 2004-05-07 16:16:11
Oh Virginia, that is awful! My DH says he really feels for him too. Just when things are coming together, right...?
Carrie - 2004-05-07 16:35:19
Oh, I am so sorry to hear that! I can tell what a strong woman you are, and that you will be fine, but still, it sucks. I'm glad that (I think?) the China families all travel together, so you will at least have support from other people in the same situation as you. Good luck to you! I'll keep you all in my thoughts!
Rachel - 2004-05-07 17:50:57
I'm sorry your husband won't be able to go with you. It is frustrating, but I know you will both get through it.
Carrie - 2004-05-07 18:40:38
Me again. Is there anything he can take? I once had pneumonia with lots of coughing. My doctor prescribed these wierd little, clear "pearls" to me that you swallow whole and they just do NOT let you cough.
virginia - 2004-05-08 07:55:10
Carrie, that would be a great idea, but Cystic Fibrosis is a pretty serious disease and he coughs all the time, a lot. So I don't think there is a pill out there that could supress that much coughing, plus it wouldn't be very good for him. It's sad and it really sucks, but the more we accpet it, the more we realize it's the right thing. he'll be home to set up the new house, keep an eye on the business, take care of the dogs, and when I get back with Sarah Qin, it should make the transition much easier on everybody. We'll miss him though!
Brooklyn Mama - 2004-05-08 19:58:54
Oh, what a bummer for you guys. Good thing your parents are going - that support and extra pairs of hands will be much needed at times. We had good internet access when we traveled, so hopefully you can send your husband lots of updates! It'll be an intense and wonderful trip, but the real parenting begins when you return. And how great that one of you won't be jet-lagged and sleep-deprived once you are home - THAT will be GREAT.

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