Julia - 2004-05-04 09:13:48
Do you think perhaps your mother is scared to believe this will actually happen until she's here safe and sound? Either way, your dad is too cute!
virginia - 2004-05-04 09:20:34
oh, I think I did my mother a disservice here, don't get me wrong, my mother is over the moon! She's workign at the store everyday to give me time to pack, she's bought enough clothes to take her through 2nd grade and she's unpacked all my clothes from when I was a kid to pass on. My house has the lovely smell of moth balls! So my mom is definately excited, but she has been vocal about it for years. She's always said she wanted them NOW! Where as my dad, it's just suddenly come out!
brooklynmama - 2004-05-04 21:34:35
Just reading your blog for the first time - congratulations on your little one! We adopted our Ping in January. It's the most amazing journey and the most wonderful experience! Best of luck!!
selzach - 2004-05-05 12:18:01
Awww...your parents sound adorable!

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