Jenn - 2004-05-03 07:56:10
What a fabulous welcome for your new daughter!!! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful day :) As a side note, it's odd to think that I really am feeling very happy for you- smiling right now- when my only connection to you is to read your blog! What a strange wonderful world we live in! :)
Julia - 2004-05-03 09:25:15
Awwwww! That's too sweet!
jen - 2004-05-03 10:11:44
I am soooooo happy that someone stepped up and did that for you, and you now have reason to feel really positive about Sarah's homecoming (aside from the obvious positive of your being her mam). What a great time!
selzach - 2004-05-03 12:28:44
Awww, I'm so glad your friend did all that for you - she sounds awesome! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the in-laws will come around.
Jodi - 2004-05-03 21:52:28
Awwwwww...what a wonderful day you had. Sara Qin is going to be one lucky child to have such loving people around her. You worried for nothing.
Tamra - 2004-05-03 21:55:02
Oh how fun! I am so happy they did that for you!!!

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