Kim - 2004-04-29 15:06:13
Why pay full price when you can wait a while and get it on sale. I always look for sales first. Have you tried Ebay for baby clothes? I have gotten gorgeous things that are new, with tags for a fraction of the cost. All the dresses our wears to church that she gets compliments on are usually from Ebay. I have put dresses on her that had price tags of $48 or more and I paid a very small fraction for it brand new on Ebay. I love it. I usually look for a certain brand or I also like looking for smocked dresses and will put that in my search. I'm also buying some swimsuits from there as why should I pay such a high price when they will barely wear it for long? what size will your little girl be wearing?
Jodi - 2004-04-29 20:14:11
The fun of discount shopping is the search for that ultimate bargain that has been mardown from an unreasonably large price to an incrediably reduced price. I remember the days when I had no money in my bank account and no credit left on my credit card and couldn't afford groceries.
Juniper - 2004-04-29 21:27:38
I have to agree with a lot of this post. I too grew up in a financially unstable household and *thankfully* married someone who has a much higher income bracket than I ever imagined having at this age. He's so impressed by my Budget Skills and there is NOTHING I love more than getting something REALLY REALLY Cheaply. I agree with the Ebay comment. I've never used ebay, nor sadly have the need for baby clothes, but I can't help but drool over the insane bargains you can get!!!
rachel - 2004-04-29 21:45:29
Thanks for the mention and the go ahead for the spending, i feel less silly now that i know i am not the only one who feels this way!
shannon - 2004-04-30 00:39:04
I found you through Rachel and am so excited for you and your husband and your impending adoption. My husband and I are in a very similar situation fertility-wise and are starting to look into adoption. So many questions for you! But I don't see an email address... And by the way, I totally understand about the mixed luxury and budget items. I'll carry my Coach bag that matches my Target t-shirt and Old Navy flip flops. And once I master the sewing machine I'll be making skirts to match!

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