Cecilia - 2004-04-17 16:10:09
Oh sug, say it with me, "I must remember to breathe!" You were made for this and you are going to do beyond fabulous. Your little jewel is going to so very smart, you're not even going to believe it, so don't worry about slowing her down, worry about keeping up! Bren is well on his way to speaking Czech, German, English, and Japanese! He's learning the Hebrew along with me.. makes one feel smart when their learning partner goes at the same speed XD It's so wonderful that you're making sure that every part of her shared heritage is being represented, so don't, not even for one second, second guess your choices. A little hint on the bath water thing that I would have never lived without... inflatable toddler tubs (at least until they grow too tall for them) are a gift from above. Not only is it next to impossible for little ones to slip or fall over inside of it, but there is a little disc on the bottom that is blue, when you fill it up if the disc turns white *TOO HOT*, but if it stays in the blue and is a comfortable warm for you, it's perfect for little Sarah. I'm not sure if they make it in any other animal shapes, the one Bren has is a duck (complete with a sound chip... it quackes when you squeeze the bill!) and he's crazy about it. It's made by Munchkin and it's price is not an idication of it's quality, only $10. For the food temps, I made sure that all the bowls, plates, and untensils were color changing as well... basically, you can't go wrong if both your finger and the color of the dish tell you everything is doing fine. Start a new mantra, "I'm going to be the best mommy for my daughter, and I will (try) not second guess what I think she needs."
Kim - 2004-04-17 16:12:53
When we go on vacation, we always stick a duffel bag or collapsable type suitcase inside our larger suitcase with our clothes. That way when we return we can bring home suoveniers or put all the dirty laundry in the duffle bags. Good luck!
Tamra - 2004-04-17 22:40:10
I'm reading a great book on adopting toddlers right now that really helps with the nitty gritty (bathing, feeding, etc) It's called "Toddler Adoption: What size shoes does she wear?" And for the emotional issues surrounding toddler adoption I suggest "Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft" by Mary Hopkins-Best
Carrie - 2004-04-17 23:24:02
I so agree! I'm trying to figure out what do they eat at what age, what kind of car seat, shoes, what about shoes? How long do babies take bottles? There are so many things that you don't really know if you don't have the baby from birth. See, you will figure this all out first, can you share it with me? I'm so excited for you! You will work out all the language issues and she will be happy, healthy, and well adjusted.
Jenna - 2004-04-18 10:12:01
You know, I know JUST what you are talking about! With our first, Gina, she was 6 months old when we brought her home. (we are a foster to adopt family btw) and I really didn't have to worry about the "newborn" stages at all with her. Then, all of a sudden, last December, I was called about the fact that Gina has a cousin that was born November 30th, and is also in foster care, open for adoption, would we take him?!!? WHAT!?!?!

I had ONE WEEK to get ready for a NEWBORN, BOY, that we were NOT expecting! talk about the panic attacks! ROFL

But, you know what? When the baby/child arrives home, things somehow find a way to fall into place. You will learn with your baby, as time goes on. The good thing about a `5 month old, is that they are old enough to be able to help you figure a few things out. They are already learning themselves, and can tell you, in their own little way, how they like this or that.

Best of luck to you with the packing! Oh, and I think that the language issues will figure themselves out. At such a young age, they are such a sponge, they can pick up languages so much faster then we would ever imagine!
Jenna - 2004-04-18 10:14:09
oops .. that was supposed to be a 15 month old, not a '5 month old!

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