Carrie - 2004-04-14 22:36:01
I love hearing your happiness and excitement! I am excited for you. I am sure everyone reading does so enjoy your happiness guilt-free! Our agency told us that the China process once over there goes as problem free as international adoption can go, they highly recommended it. We just couldn't do the travel time and keep our jobs. At our last orientation they brought in families who had already adopted from other countries and the kids from China were so bright and active and just as precious as could be!
Jodi - 2004-04-14 23:04:02 are a Mommy now. {sniff} I know that guilt you are feeling. When I got that first positive back I felt guilty because there were so many others still childless. Get over it! {she says smiling} You earned this. You are going to be a mommy, you are a mommy! Yippee!
Jenna - 2004-04-15 00:08:13
I am just starting to read your blog .. but wanted to let you know that I know how you feel. I went through infertility for 4 years before finally moving onto adoption. When we first got "the call" I was so overjoyed!! then I started to feel the guilt that you are describing. But you know what? You get over it. We all feel it... you have earned this .. as Jodi said. You are Sarah's mommy ... it is YOUR time now. :o)
juniper - 2004-04-15 18:48:33
I too just found your diary (what an exciting and motivating find!!) and what a gorgeous entry you wrote today. Brought tears to my eyes!!! We're moving home also (next week, finally!!) and being a planner I would be going N-U-T-S with no real dates. Planners unite!!! How can you not fall in love with that girl!? She's gorgeous!!! Congrats again!!
Julia - 2004-04-17 12:41:50
Oh, sweetie! Don't feel guilty! We don't feel abandoned in the least and it fills me with joy to see you have your greatest wish fulfilled - finally! Good luck with the packing and planning. That sounds like a challenge of the highest order.

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