Tamra - 2004-04-12 21:16:29
Oh I'm thinking of you!!! I hope you get your referral this week. I'll keep you in my prayers!
Carol - 2004-04-12 22:35:04
I am fairly new to your blog, but I jsut wanted to give you my support. We brought our daughter home from St. Vincent and the Grenadines in December, so I can understand what you are feeling right now. I will be checking back often tomorrow hoping for good news. :)
Jenn - 2004-04-13 08:03:24
Hang in there! I know this waiting must be awful...but I am hoping and praying for you that you get to *meet* your sweet daughter TODAY!!!! I'll be checking back in so make sure you post when you hear! :) (I am by the day and adoption wannabe- I have 3 biological children and my husband seems to think that's enough. I, on the other hand, feel called to adopt internationally...we shall see!)

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