selzach - 2004-04-02 12:09:10
I can relate to the whole not fitting in feeling. I went to parochial school through 8th grade and was considered "poor" by most of the other kids (and I wasn't poor, just not rich). I'm an oddball in hubby's family - they're Southern, rural, and fairly close-knit. I'm a suburban yankee with a not-so-close family. I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes you just have those icky spells when you can't get past it.
selzach - 2004-04-02 12:10:53
I forgot to add - I think it's so cool that you're multilingual. My dad is, but would never speak to me in anything but English. All the years of French I took in school were wasted with noone to speak it with.
Jodi - 2004-04-02 12:33:13
You have had an unbelievable life. I think more people than not have that feeling of not fitting in with other groups. I never felt like I fit in either. Even now, I always feel like an outsider at any event I attend. Maybe because I am not a member of the Mommy group. Maybe that is the problem, we are always looking to a different group to belong.
Rachel - 2004-04-02 18:08:55
What Jodi says makes a lot of sense. And I can sympathize about those Jews...they are a cliquey group, each with their own set of ideals about what makes a Jew (and I fit in about 1/3 of the time). I think part of the reason I feel so happy in Boston is becuz at least with the geographical place, I finally belong somewhere.
Milenka - 2004-04-02 21:18:43
I never feel that I fit in anywhere, either. I don't work, so I don't fit in with the professionals. I'm married, so I don't fit in with the singles. I'm not a mom, so I don't fit in with the mommies. I don't have the money to be doing infertility treatments or adopting, so I don't fit in with all the awesome bloggers out there. Well, you get the point. But, hey, I'm just me, and I'm pretty comfortable with that. :-)
Jennye - 2004-04-04 00:12:11
{{{{HUGS}}}} I'll write more later, (Passover cleaning. Ugh!) but I did want to say I know EXACTLY how you feel. I swear sometimes it feels like we are totally cut from the same cloth. And this time of year is the worst for it.

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