Laci - 2004-02-17 16:41:05
I am watching this same Dr. Phil right now as we speak, and this lady is obviously on crack! I can't believe she is quoting how, since she's religious, she should take care of the kids at home, but yet she's out sleeping around, talking to her husband and her children like they were dogs.....enraging!!! I'm so upset by her I can even think straight, and it's good to see that I'm not alone on that front.:)
reese - 2004-02-17 17:23:37
Oh dear. I missed that Dr. Phil, but since I claim to be a Mormon, and actually strive to live the faith, nothing makes me happier than to see it publically associated with craziness. You know, living an orthodox religion is difficult in this day and age. People in todays world cannot understand why I wear sacred undergarments instead of thongs and don't drink alcohol or coffee (or in your faith, cover your head during worship and wear dresses), now I get to look like a hypocrite. A crazy hypocrite who apparently does not believe in women's rights. For the record, millions of Mormon women do work. We believe in the sanctity of the family and that a parent should be around whenever possible, even if that means that you don't buy fancy cars or keep up with the Jones's. But that doesn't mean you're kicked out, even if you are an ambitious woman like me. Gee, sorry I hijacked your notes. I'm a little defensive. If South Park made an episode mocking the history of the Jewish faith, somebody might say something. But making fun of Mormons is OK. Grr.
mortimersmom - 2004-02-17 18:07:51
actually, dr. phil called her on it! he quoted from I guess your scriptures or something, and pointed out to her that it clearly says that in times of death, illness or other need, the woman SHOULD work. Also, they asked her why she had a BA and an MA if she sisn't want to work and her answer was that she would rather be a working single mom. Like someone, divorcing her SECOND husband was a more rigghtous way to go back to work I tell you, I don't think she did any disservice to Mormons: she clearly was unstable.
reese - 2004-02-17 18:42:09
Well good for Dr. Phil! I guess I can calm down now. Ug. People.
Jennye - 2004-02-17 21:59:50
Gah! Sometimes people make me nuts. Especially when logic is screaming one thing and they are completely oblivious to it. (p.s.) there is one episode of South Park - one of the few I ever saw - that was extremely disrespectful of Judaism. I think they were at a summer camp, but don't quote me on it. I cannot stand that show.)
caerula - 2004-02-17 22:54:03
It's utterly pathetic that this woman uses her supposed faith as an excuse for her lack of willingness to provide any support for her kids. I doubt she did much harm to the LDS; anyone with the least modicum of sense knows no religious faith endorses that sort of behavior. I'm glad I didn't see this show; I might well have pulled an Elvis on my tv. Why, God, does it seem like it's always these people that are most fertile? My stepson's biomother is the same way -- 4 kids by 3 men. Selectively decided which ones live with her, not that living with her is a good thing, but my poor boy is left to wonder why is mom didn't want him, but did want his sister! Those poor kids. Their parents never seem to realize they're the ones who suffer. FWIW, too, South Park has made fun of Judaism, and all the basic tenets of Christianity, and pretty much everything else, I think. I mean, I'm a Pentecostal Christian, which is about as conservative as they come, and even I try not to take it too seriously.
Julia - 2004-02-20 14:54:52
Yuck. That's all I have to say about that. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.
Jodi - 2004-03-17 13:10:00
Hi, I just found your blog, so forgive me for this late post. I just had to say something. I had the exact same thoughts watching this clueless, insensitive, and cruel woman. I guess she picks and chooses what values she holds dear and apparently her children do not come first in her life. I feel the worst for her children. No wonder her twelve year old is scary, if I had a mother like that, I would be acting out as well. BTW, I have four furry children and am also Jewish. If I don't have children soon, we will start the oldest on Bar-Mitvah lessons.

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