Jennye - 2004-02-12 20:20:58
I had a bikini wax *once* and have no desire to do it again, so don't look to me for advice. Of course I'm also one of the least hairy people anywhere. I shave my legs every couple of weeks, and even then, it is only because I notice it occasionally when the sun catches it.
Michele - 2004-02-13 13:57:21
The last time I got my nethers waxed, I was supplied with a pair of disposable underwear. I still had to pull them back for the lady to wax around. I don't think I could lift my leg up Sex in the City style....she could barely get me to part my legs more than a couple of inches. I am going to go in one more time before I have my surgery, because people will be looking at my naked body. I hate getting waxed.
mommayaya - 2004-02-13 18:31:06
I say wear your least favorite pair of undies or ask for the disposables. I've only ever had to sort of move my leg outward, not lift. Umm, don't do the Brazilian thing. Someone I know had one and told me the deal: hair removal of bikini area AND the anal area, yeah. Ouch?

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