Mary - 2004-02-12 12:56:22
We've all had those sorts of weird days. I hope you feel better soon. I know how tiring it can be straining with one eye. Hang in there. =)
selzach - 2004-02-12 14:19:44
What a bummer of a night. Hope your scratches, bumps & bruises heal quickly.
Angie - 2004-02-12 15:13:00
More things you can do with one eye: 1. Drink beer like a one-eyed beer drinker! 2. Eat white chocolate dipped tangerines like a one-eyed chocolate dipped tangerine eater! 3. Tie a bandana over the dog's eye (like a one-eyed bandana tying dog owner) so she knows exactly how you feel. I hope you feel better soon! -A
Jennye - 2004-02-12 20:18:35
My heart goes out to you. No TV? Will you make it? I mean, tonight is "The Apprentice!!!!!!!!!" {{{{HUGS}}}} to you and I hope you ercover quickly. I did that once with my contacts and it was awful.
caerula - 2004-02-12 21:11:57
Oooh, I had a cornea scratch before, and it is NOT fun. Hang in there. I hope you were at least able to listen to all the fun tv tonight!

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