selzach - 2004-02-04 13:17:03
Awww...your poor, sweet doggie. I have a cat with either allergies or neurosis (or both) who licks himself bloody. Done the rounds with cortisone shots & pills, allergy-free food. None of it worked, what a pain. I'm so glad you found out what's up with your dog and that there's treatment.
Jennye - 2004-02-04 13:47:48
I'm so glad you've figured out Lucy's allergies. I bet she'll be thrilled to be able to eat what she wants again! Hey you could always go the trucker cap route. That was hip for about 5 minutes a few months ago! :)
virginia - 2004-02-04 14:02:42
trucker hat! funny you should mention: Ellen had Ashton Kusher on the same day and made fun of those too!!!! I'm actually thinking of starting something with those giant booties of yours! not shrinking them!

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